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era1213 (Offline)
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Default Your Very Own Personal Genie

Many of you know that the concept of the law of attraction is that you basically attract anything you want in life. It’s like you have a genie that when you speak of something you want, he tells you: Your wish is my command! Little did many of us know that we all have our very own Alladin’s Lamp. Our very own personal genie. It rests in your head, inside your skull – it’s your brain.

Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein told us something years ago. It’s that our brains are both transmitters and receivers of energy, just like satellites emitting and receiving radio frequencies. And everything in this world consists of the combination of different vibrations or energy.

Remember in grade school when we were thought about atoms? That everything is made up of them? Well, centuries before, they thought that the atom is the smallest particle there is. But when technology developed an even powerful tool to scope in at levels smaller than the atoms’, they found out that atoms are made of protons, electrons, and neutrons.

And they are even smaller particles. And these particles are energy, or vibration, or whatever you want to call it. They basically make up everything we see – and some things we don’t, like radio frequencies, and in this case, thoughts.

My point here is that your brain emits a certain amount of energy whenever you think of something. Your thoughts are energy. So if you think of something with burning desire, you are emitting a powerful energy towards the universe. And what the universe does is to give that energy back to you, sometimes in the form of a physical manifestation, or in whatever form your desire is.

So your mind, or your brain, is basically your personal genie. Your wish is your command, because its you that makes a wish, and therefore commands it.
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