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Old January 15th, 2008, 21:34   #1 (permalink)
iancho (Offline)
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Sunny Beach/Bulgaria
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Default meditation+secret=success

In first excuse me for my bad english

I will tell u my story and how i start with meditation and how i start with the law of attraction.

First of all i was interesting of meditation because i'm a international backgammon player(21 years old,student)and i was interesting in exercises that can keep me focus over the board in the long period of time,cause most of the biggest tournaments are 3-5 days and you have to play everyday at least 6-8 hours,so i friend of mine told me about meditation-first i start looking in yoga books ,then i look in internet and i found out project meditation.

(2)This summer i attend a student exchange program and i go to USA,and i was living in Nj and after that a month in NY(i'm from Bulgaria),there i had a lot of troubles and i was suppose to have job and earn some money but i actually only spend all my money there.On this time i was on MSN with a friend from Brazil and i was explaing him about my bad experience in USA and so i don't have money and etc... he told me to buy the book called -"The Secret".I did not even pay attention and i did not know what this book is all about.After month my bad luck continue,i spoke again with him and he told me the same....

One day i was browsing in amazon and sudduntely i found out the Secret!I decide to buy it,i receive it soon but due to busy days and laziness i did not read it for about a mounth.

In September i moved to New York,my contract with the college was over and i had a month to travel,so i choose to move to Ny cause i have friends there and also there is a lot of backgammon clubs.I lived in Brooclyn.
In the days that i take the subway to Manhatan,everyday i bring my backpack with me and inside i find out the book,so i did not have what to do in the train 1 hour so i decode to start reading the book,i was so surprised so i read it for about 2-3 days.

A friend of mine,who is also subsciber here-Maya Peycheva and a very strong backgammon player,the best female in the world ..called me a few times and ask me-are u comming to attend UK Masters in London in november....(this was supposed to be the biggest tournament for the year,cause will be the first one shown on the biggest sport chanel in the world-EURosport)I wanted so much....but i did not have the money,cause only the entry fees was about 1200$+flight+food+hotel...i needed at ;east 4000$ and for a student this is a lot,but i decide to SAY:YES!!!I'M COMMING!!!

So i start doing meditation everyday in Brighton beach and during the meditation i visualize so i'm in London and i'm playing with the best in the world,that was my dream from 4 years,since i start playing backgammon .I had very hard time and a lot of problems...but i never stop..bad toughts always come into my mind....In a week i go back to Bulgaria,Maya called me again and asked me-"Are u comming in London?",of course i anwser YES!But after i hang up the phone i almost start crying and asking myself ..what i'm doing wrong....why i can't go,i practice so hard,i won a lot of small events and and i never had the chance to go to such a big tournaments , but this was like 15 min and after that i start again visualising so i'm in london,so i'm walking around the Big BEN,so i'm in the famous London's Red bus and etc...

Sunday,21;21.... commentator of backgammon for eurosport and my close friend ask me if i'm going to play an online tournament for a guaranteed prize pool of 4000 pounds that start in 21;30,i answer no...i did not deposit in this site and now i can't.i tought the chat is over but in 5 mins ,he write to me again and said your account is credited pls i enter the tounament but first 2 rounds i did not really pay attantion....after 4 hours i won the tourney after 8 wins and i won 1300$,i ask him to send him the half of the winning cause i won because of him,but he told me...Pls use the money to come to London....

I keept 100$ in the site and withdraw the other,with the last 100$ i attend the same tourney next week and i reach the quaterfinals and this is how i go and attend UK Masters!I was dreaming and visualising this almost 2 months and finally it happend.

Now i set up a new goals !)The problem is that soemtimes i'm lazy and forget to meditate or i have to do something with this
But the main idea is so everybody can achive something if he really want it!it will come,after day,week or month but it will,believe me!
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Old January 15th, 2008, 22:24   #2 (permalink)
pollyanna (Offline)
Super Moderator
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Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: France
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Iancho I love your spirit and your story. Massive congratulations to you and what an inspiring story for others to learn from. I felt like I was with you all the way. I totally understand the ups and downs you went through - but you kept on going and believing. Your story made me feel so emotional - you are a real winner!!! The whole new life my entire family enjoy now in France is totally because of the Law of Attraction. I count my blessings everyday and always will for this unbelievable life in the country. The most exciting part for me is every single member of my family love the simple life here. Electronic gadgets are replaced with forest walks and a slower pace of life. Keep it up and I cannot wait until you inspire us with another fantastic story.
P.S. Keep up with meditation. I have followed Michaels plan to the letter and the benefits I have received are amazing. Happiness and joy to you
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Old January 23rd, 2008, 18:00   #3 (permalink)
Peaceful Warrior (Offline)
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Thumbs up Iancho is the man!!

well done you!

After reading a few posts here, i decided to get my act together and start visualizing and feeling new outcomes in my life... I may set a progress thread up here when i get chance!

Great story and I like your style. JUST BELIEVE... PW
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