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Old December 1st, 2012, 23:05   #1 (permalink)
jakepaul77 (Offline)
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Post Help, I am attracting monet the wrong way!

I have started to attract quite a bit money with the book the Art of Attracting Wealth by Dane Marks, But it is happening in the wrong way I wanted to? I am greatful, but I want it to work in my business?

I am starting to get money, but I have noticed it is not happening through my business. I sell cars and have a garage but business is poor. The money which I am getting appears to be from my personal life i.e. My wife got a cheque as a bonus and split it with me, which have never happened before. And I am getting alot of people asking me to sell things for them and giving me money for it in return. It is much more than I started with and i am greatful, but I also want this business to work and fear it might have to go if it dont pick up.

Is this normal and will it pick up, I am doing the affirmations in this book and I am confident, but I would like to see proof of it working here as well, if you know what I mean. Please advise me how it worked for you?
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Old December 4th, 2012, 12:20   #2 (permalink)
mhern037 (Offline)
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I know how you feel about attracting the right thing into your life but not in the way you expected it. I felt the same way too when I began to attract money but it was not coming through the vehicle that I preferred. Then I found out a piece of information that put it all into perspective and it made sense.

Using the Law of Attraction, we know that like attracts like. You want to attract a lot of money through your car and garage business. You think that the best way to attract that money is through that business. However, that is just your opinion based on your experiences and everything you know right now. The way the Law works is you transmit your burning desire and the universe (consciousness, field of energy, whatever you might call it) will deliver it to you in the best possible way. You must remember that you DO NOT know everything and certainly do not know the best way to attract that amount of money, obviously, or you would have it already. No disrespect intended. The "universe" does know and it is trying to show you.

I can make this simple analogy: all your experiences and everything you know is like a radar screen on a submarine. Does the radar screen show you the entire ocean (or everything that could possibly be out there)? No. It only shows you a few mile radius. Is your submarine only subject to what is in that few mile radius? No. The ocean is vast and there are many things beyond the scope of the radar that can effect your submarine.

The reason why you are receiving money through other means besides your car business is because there are forces beyond your radar that are in play and working to give you what you want in the best possible way.

My advice: Don't fight it. Continue to transmit your burning desire for money and read the signs that the universe is giving you. Right now, you might think that you can make the most money through your car business, but what if the result of one of these other random sales is an opportunity that yields more money than you can imagine? Stick with it.

On the other hand, if what you really want is to save your car and garage business, then change your transmissions (thoughts, intentions, burning desires) to focus on a thriving car and garage business.

Do what you feel is right. Hope this helps.

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