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D. James Albert (Offline)
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Originally Posted by magu View Post
Hi D. James:
I have a question about the Mindbeat exercise.

When you say "You go to sleep reciting your affirming statement in tune with the ticks of the clock. " and "By falling asleep as you do this (and it does help with falling asleep), your mind continues to recite it even as you sleep for as long as the clock continues to tick." Does this mean i have to sleep with the ticks of the clock all night? or it would be enough to listen to ticks of the clock while i am reciting my affirming statement in tune with the ticks of the clock in awake state.

My husband doesn't like the sound of the ticks of the clock, so i downloaded some ticks sound to my ipod to listen to it before i go to sleep. but i don't know if i am missing something and doing it wrong.

any piece of advice would be appreciated.
Thanks for your help and guidance.
Hi Marina,
I realize that I replied to this question via email a long time ago and actually didn't know you had also posted it here. So here's an edited down version of my email so this public thread gets a public answer And thanks to Edwin for making up for my delayed answer

For best effect the external cue should continue. However, they do not have to be ticks. The objective is to maintain the external cue so the rhythm of the suggestion continues whilst you sleep. Perhaps your husband will be more relaxed if you can find some calming meditative type music that has a soft beat to it, or a soft regular sound/instrument. The primary thing is the regularity and, if possible, for that to be close to second length intervals (but the interval is not as important as the regularity, providing that the interval is not too far spaced apart).

My soul mate also feels annoyed by a ticking clock. For this reason I purchased a stereo that would take a USB stick. I then found a soft frequency that would not annoy her, then put it on the USB stick. I then put it on repeat, so that all night long it would repeat softly enough for me to focus on it, and for her not to be distracted by it. I'm sure you could find music for meditation that might provide a similar kind of soft beat as part of the music.

There really is no substitute for having a regular sound to keep your mind repeating a suggestion whilst you sleep, primarily because the duration you sleep for creates a huge impact on your Celestial Mind. However, I also respect that some people share beds and are unable to do so. In which case, I recommend finding time to do so whilst you wake. Do the same technique, and perhaps set an alarm for 1 hr (and no later than 1:30 mins) later just in case you fall asleep. Conscious Mindbeat is also beneficial - not as beneficial as sleeping, but if you have no other choice, it is better to crawl than to not move at all.

There is one other suggestion that I have known to work. Often people who can't sleep because of annoying sound still find meditative music, such as you will find on Project-Meditation, just fine. I have known people who are annoyed senseless by ticking clocks but who have no problem listening to meditative style music. For this reason, you could guide your husband down a path of getting used to sound when he falls asleep, beginning with sound designed to aid in the sleep process. Once he's comfortable with listening to soft meditative sleep music, you might then be able to introduce a tick. Alternatively, you could leave the tick in the room, but slightly overpower it with the meditative sleep music. Whilst he listens to the sleep music, you keep your attention on the tick. When he falls asleep, eventually the music will end, but the ticks that you are focussed on will continue even while your husband sleeps.

Out of interest, it has been some time since I required Mindbeat for myself personally. The great thing about Mindbeat is it offers a launch platform so to speak for training the mind. Once events of your life come into sync, the type of subliminal control Mindbeat offers becomes conscious rather than unconscious. However, from time to time I will perform Mindbeat without an accompanying ticking sound when I go to sleep, just to reinforce the placement on my attention on any area where I have perhaps been slipping. It may not be as powerful without the constant reminder of the beat during the sleep process, but nonetheless the Celestial Mind takes notice of the prominent thought prior to sleep (hence why many people dream about what they were focussed on in the time leading up to sleep).
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