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Thumbs up Transcendental Meditation and LifeFlow

Transcendental Meditation and LifeFlow is something in common that two out of the three following Doctors have. They both have practised transcendental meditation for decades and now improve their practise with LifeFlow. The third Doctor has been a lifetime supporter of meditation and is now grateful for the audio technology of LifeFlow to enhance his meditation practise.

All three Doctors highly recommend LifeFlow to both family and patients and this is a success story in itself.


Because it hurts just to read the statistics of people suffering from countless stress related diseases. Most people, unintentionally spend way too much time in the higher beta brainwave states that produce too many stress hormones, causing untold damage over time.

These Doctors know that meditating a few minutes a day in lower beneficial brainwave states releases these stress hormones and induces the natural production of healing hormones for optimum health and vitality.

Click on the following link to discover "How your brainwaves affect your mental state"

Brainwave States

Click on the following links to see what the Doctors say:-

Our Lifeflow experience :-)

Doctor John Stickle's - LifeFlow Review

Success Stories - LifeFlow Meditation 2.0

Is it necessary to have practised Transcendental Meditation? Absolutely not. You can benefit from LifeFlow in many ways outside of meditation.

However, if you want to meditate, LifeFlow will greatly enhance your chosen meditation technique. Download the 14 minute LifeFlow demo. You can try it for free and I look forward to hearing your success story

Many people in the community use the following meditation techniques:-
The free "Discover Meditation" course and LifeFlow
Focusing on the Breath and LifeFlow
Transcendental Meditation and LifeFlow
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