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Thumbs up Doctor John Stickle's - LifeFlow Review

"Many people, even some famous people tout the Holosync Meditation Program as the best. In fact, it's highly over-rated. In comparison, there is a much better program out there on the market. I tried Holosync for 30 days and then I discovered and tried LifeFlow Meditation. What a difference in so many ways.

As a meditator of well over 40+ years in several different styles, I feel qualified to pass judgment on Holosync, especially given that I tried it out for 30 days and really got very little out of the program. Back then, Holosync was also very expensive. I see now that they have dropped the price but their technology simply is not equal to the LifeFlow Meditation program.

I have been a long time meditation practitioner, having started with meditation in martial arts over 40 years ago, then moving on to Za-Zen meditation, Breath and Flame meditations, some Buddhist meditation, then 20 years doing Transcendental Meditation (TM), typically twice a day.

I would also point out that many of my meditating friends (most of who were formerly TM people, like me) tried out the Holosync program and Lo! None of us stayed with the Holosync program! Not one! So I find this very interesting, to say the least, that all these "unrelated" people who just happened to try Holosync did not stay with the program.

If you compare Holosync and LifeFlow programs together, side-by-side, LifeFlow is a far superior program (for instance, you don't Have to use earphones, like with Holosync, for the program to work) in terms of leading edge technology, real lasting results and cost.

In fact, everyone that I know who has tried the LifeFlow program has stayed with it, while I can't say that for Holosync at all. And I am not being paid or compensated to say this at all. What my friends who are long-term meditators tell me is that they go deep, just like in TM, from the LifeFlow Meditations but it just did not happen in Holosync.

LifeFlow meditation is a neural entrainment program; it allows one to go to great depths in meditation--similar to monks or meditators that practice for many, many years. With LifeFlow, you can achieve these same results, but without waiting and practicing for years. I make this assertion based on my own long experience with meditation and with the LifeFlow program.

LifeFlow meditation is far superior in terms of technology (as compared to Holosync) and it works for anyone, with or without any meditation background. It can be used with or without headphones. The excellent customer support, community website and the many, many free meditation tracks on all manner of topics makes this a truly outstanding program. There are 10 separate meditations to the LifeFlow meditation program, each builds on the one before and each one is incredible. They even offer a free 14 minute sample which in itself is a powerful program and worth listening to
when time is limited. The LifeFlow meditations are 40 minutes in length. I would endorse this program wholeheartedly over Holosync any day.

A really huge contrast between LifeFlow and Holosync is that the free 14 minute download from LifeFlow actually does what it says it will do, there was no push or hype to purchase the LifeFlow program and the cost of the program constant and does not go up. LifeFlow staff are just great in providing timely and excellent support. The community website has both posts and articles which are worth reading. No one is ranting about LifeFlow not working either.

There are also "levels" in LifeFlow and I can report honestly that I can and do feel the benefits because there is something in all the LifeFlow meditations that is profound. For instance, a new meditation from LifeFlow is called "Classical Magic". It is a grouping of wonderful classical music with the LifeFlow technology woven underneath it. I have found that this is great background music during patient treatments. Patients often go to sleep and tell me that they wake up feeling like they have slept for hours and that they feel deeply calm inside. I often do Craniosacral work and having the patient relax fully allows me to do my best work.

For those considering a meditation program but perhaps are skeptical, I think you will find that this program will allow you to go easily into meditation, find that deep relaxation you seek, see the visible results by looking in a mirror before and after meditation, allow you to release any stress or stressful situations without either effort or difficulty, and leave you calm and peaceful.

I find that if I don’t have time for a full 40 minute session, that I can listen to the 14 minute session and still have good benefits from the time spent. I also would mention that the music and/or background sounds are unique and powerful. These meditations have been put together with great intention and conscious thought. They are beyond unique and like nothing else out there, although there are many imitators. There is only one LifeFlow program.

A little more about my background. I have practiced Chiropractic for 23 years. I have been doing Craniosacral work, Polarity work, both soft types of adjustments as well as more traditional kinds, muscle release work and trigger point therapy, and Osteopathic type work. I am also a Reiki Master (Usui tradition) and in 2005, I was honored by my placement in the book: “Top Chiropractors in America”. I was nominated by my peers and my patients.


Dr. John D. Stickle, D.C."

With all the benefits I enjoy through LifeFlow, I wholeheartedly agree with him. His description is really thorough and absolutely spot on in my opinion.
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