Someone passed us this video and I just had to share it with you today.

When I saw this video, at first I was skeptical. How could enemy forces ever drop their animosity, even for a little while, in the middle of a war?

But that’s the magic of Christmas. People come together, forget our differences, and take the time to be grateful. The little things suddenly come to our attention and we realize that they are what really matters: a kind act, a smile, shared time, shared meals, and shared gestures of love and acceptance…

Many of us look beyond the blatant consumerism of the season and choose to give only a few small, meaningful gifts – like the chocolate in the video – and instead focus on creating an unforgettable experience.

In the video, it was a shared love of a game that brought everyone together. What can it be in your life? A special meal? Storytelling? A traditional game? How can you make every Christmas one to remember forever?

Christmas magic doesn’t have to be just for kids. There is no reason to abandon the joy or the mystery of Christmas just because we are adults.

Whatever your faith, and whatever your traditions – expand this idea beyond Christmas – it’s a beautiful way for us to reconnect and reaffirm what is truly meaningful.

Best of all, sharing is not something that has to end with the unwrapping of the last gift. Sharing is one of those traits that feels incredibly good, any time of the year. Sharing can mean donating unneeded items to charity; volunteering to teach refugees how to adapt to a new culture; taking shelter dogs for walks; helping out your elderly neighbors; bringing your old magazines to your local school; planting trees; playing piano at the nursing home… there are so many ways… I can’t even begin to list them all… that you can use your talents and skills to enrich the life of others.

Meditation is an opportunity to expand love and appreciation any day of the year. We live in a very divided world and peace seems out of reach. People are fighting and expressing hate, but all of us have a choice to stop that cycle. Practicing loving-kindness meditation helps you to feel connected to people whose truths are the polar opposites of yours. Expressing gratitude during meditation – with a simple mantra, “Thank you” – helps you appreciate what you have instead of always longing for that “thing” that will make you happy.

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This little video really brings home the fact that divisiveness is a choice, and so is connection; that bitterness is a choice, and so is forgiveness; and that even when we feel controlled by outside forces we can always choose to rise above the ugliness with love, compassion, kindness and understanding.

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