Your Sleep Cycle And The Tremendous Benefits Of Deep Delta

Your Sleep Cycle And The Tremendous Benefits Of Deep Delta

Did you know that most people spend years and years meditating and never reach the deeper brainwave levels? Yet it is in these deeper brainwave states that many beneficial hormones are released and repair and rejuvenation can take place. How much you can maintain a healthy sleep cycle is vital to your health and here's why... A typical human goes through a series of sleep cycles every night. A cycle begins the moment you close your eyes as the brain almost immediately begins to increase its production of Alpha waves. As you relax...
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Your Free Inner Peace Track

MenuCloseHomeBlogReviewsProductsMembers AreaFind Your INNER PEACE With Project MeditationFor 30 minutes, you are taken to another place. A place without cares. No worries, no deadlines... and zero stress!This free track offer
LifeFlow Meditation Is Causing This... | Project Meditation

LifeFlow Meditation Is Causing This…

I want to make sure you clearly understand, whatever you experience with LifeFlow meditation is exactly the right experience for you. You may be enjoying fantastic results already. You may have experienced amazing and pleasurable feelings. Maybe you have no big experiences. With regard to the overall long-term results you will achieve, it really doesn't matter...
[EMF] Counteract Cell Phone Radiation | Project Meditation

Is Your Body Marinating In Potentially Lethal EMF

The science behind exposure to EMF (electromagnetic field) is alarming. For example... Studies by Professor Maria Feychting (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden) showed that people exposed to high magnetic fields at work and home had 3.7 times the risk of developing leukemia compared to those not exposed. [read more]