If you suffer from chronic pain such as arthritis, have you ever asked yourself if it’s possible to relieve the joint pain with meditation?

Could it be a way to help manage your pain so you can enjoy life again?

How could something as simple as “sitting and doing nothing” relieve your aching joints?

When pain is so severe that painkillers don’t help… when moving hurts… when not moving hurts… how can meditation help?

The ancient practice of mindfulness meditation has been used for thousands of years to dilute the debilitating effects of pain.

joint pain with meditationHere’s how: Pain isn’t just a physical thing.

When you feel pain, sensory receptors in the skin send a message via nerve fibers along the spinal cord to the brain where the sensation of pain is registered, and pain is perceived.

But it’s not just the physical pain that hurts: it’s the mental and emotional suffering that occurs when you start to wonder if the pain will ever go away, or if it will get even worse, how will you function, etc. “Please, I just want it to stop…” is all you can say, in desperation…

You want to fight back against the pain. You want to ignore it. But consider this: what if your struggle against the pain only makes you suffer more?

What if you could “sit with” your pain, explore the physical sensations as they rise and fall… and what if this actually made you feel better?

Clinical trials have shown that mindfulness meditation can reduce chronic pain by 57% – and an astonishing 90% of long-time meditators can reduce pain at will by meditating.

Mindfulness actually enables you to feel pain with less intensity -You CAN “turn down the volume” on joint pain with meditation, meaning the signal is still there, but instead of a punch in the gut, it’s more like a mild push.

Ease Your Joint Pain With Mindfulness Meditation

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There are two types of pain: primary pain that arises from injury, illness or other damage to the body – this is essentially raw information that alerts you to a problem.

Secondary pain can be more intense and long-lasting: this happens in the brain, when pain information is processed and the pain intensifies until you find a solution.

Unfortunately, pain information is also linked to memories of ‘past pain’, and if you didn’t find relief then, you will become more anxious about your ability to relieve joint pain with meditation now. This isn’t a long analysis. It takes place within micro-seconds, before you’re even aware of it.

But as one negative thought about the pain arises, and you give it attention, other similar thoughts arise, and the pain amplifies.natural joint pain remedy

It’s important to realize that this secondary pain is very real.

It’s part of how your brain processes pain and assigns importance to it; but the more attention you give to this secondary pain, the more it intensifies.

Try this body scan meditation anytime you feel pain:

Observe the painful sensations as they arise in your body (they may be localized, or general),

Explore and fully experience these sensations (what exactly does the pain feel like – pressure, stabbing, burning, etc.)

If you stay focused on the sensations and don’t allow your thoughts to wander toward what might happen, in less than two minutes you will notice that the pain subsides. This is similar to an exercise where you allow emotions to arise, and fully experience them until they subside.

Riding out the waves like this helps you to have a break from the pain.

Not only does relieving joint pain with meditation deeply relax the body, it also stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities.

It also helps you “step back” from the pain, turning down the intensity. When you meditate (if only for 5 minutes) every day, you can develop the ability to control your response to pain to the point that your perception of pain significantly decreases.

It’s the most marvellous complementary treatment to pain medicines, and over time you may develop enough self-regulation to stop needing pain meds altogether.

“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.” ~ Unknown

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