I am often asked “Can meditation really slow the rate of cellular aging?”

And it’s a good question. Feeling happier, calmer, more at ease, more focused etc are just a few of the benefits which are easy to notice.

But the benefits of meditation don’t stop there…

Many scientific reports have proven that your brainwaves effect your mental and emotional states and by changing your state, you can improve the quality and experience of your entire life.

You can increase longevity and even reverse the aging process because, in various brainwave states, you can evoke your own very powerful healing hormones and resources. To read more, click on the following link:

Longevity & Beneficial Hormones Released During Meditation

People pay tens of thousands for commercially produced hormones such as HGH and Telomerase which some are claiming to be “The new elixir of youth”.

Click on the link to read the following report:

Psychological Changes from Meditation Training Linked to Cellular Health

So how do you train your brainwaves to naturally slow down and regulate your powerful, healing hormones?

One very simple solution is to just relax or meditate a little time each day while you play LifeFlow in the background.

Each LifeFlow level incorporates a different beneficial brainwave frequency to greatly enhance your happiness, well-being, learning abilities and much more…

A few minutes of your day is all that is necessary to transform your life!

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