Meditation for Weightloss

Using meditation for weightloss is definitely worthy of your thought and consideration. So many people from all walks of life have had amazing and lasting results. By releasing stress through meditation people find they no longer comfort eat. One of the most powerful mind and body techniques involve combining imagery or visualization with meditation for weightloss and dieting. It has been proven over and over again that what you are imagining right now will be what life gives you in the future.

When you use meditation for weightloss imagine yourself slim and healthy as you walk along the beach. See your beautiful, slim reflection as you pass shop windows on your way to buy that fabulous outfit made for you. Feel how much lighter and energetic your body feels. Feel that skip in your step once again.

Very often the mental picture that we have of ourselves when we focus on dieting conflicts with the end result that we really desire. Our minds are often filled with doubts and negative thoughts. Using meditation for weightloss will stamp out these doubts and allow you to watch your waistline reappear. Focus on the result that you truly desire and always remember “As a man thinketh so is he.”

By Nick Smith