Scientists Prove This Flat Out Works…

Schumann Resonance - Scientists Prove This Flat Out Works...

Scientific evidence shows that the radiation from our electrical and wifi devices can be harmful to our health but that doesn’t mean we have to ditch our iphones.

Here’s how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from Electromagnetic field radiation (EMFs) and why you may want to…

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5 Simple Tips For A More Joyful Life

Happiness Is Found In Forgiveness and 4 Other Places

We’re kicking off Monday with some simple yet life changing tips…

Iyanla Vanzant shares 5 top tips for a more joyful life. Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best as you’ll discover in the short video below…

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Don’t get bitter… get better, by managing anger once and for all.

strength is required if you want to know how to manage anger

Have you ever wondered how to manage anger in a more peaceful and productive way? Do you ever feel anger well up inside you so much that you feel your self-control start to crumble? Left unchecked, not knowing how to manage anger can have dire consequences.  “You will not be punished for your anger, you…

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Finding Peace Has Never Been So Easy

finding peace has never been so easy

On Wednesday you may remember us talking about how to be at peace with yourself. Today as promised we have for you a TRIED and TESTED reminder for finding peace within yourself, that you can call upon anytime, anywhere…

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Discover How To Be At Peace With Yourself!

teddy bear wanted to know how to find peace

When your thoughts are busy and focused on what’s wrong and what’s missing in your life, your life experience is affected and reflects those thoughts. 

But you can change the ‘vibe’ of your inner space so that it becomes a serene, strong and joyful place that can be your inner sanctuary no matter what’s going on outside, whenever and wherever you are.

Here are a few key steps you can take if you’re ready to discover once and for all how to be at peace!

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The Shocking Truth About The Law Of Attraction

The Truth About the Law of Attraction

We had something else scheduled to share with you this Monday morning but I had to re-schedule that blog post after seeing this…

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The Amazing Benefits Of An Afternoon Nap

don't miss out on an afternoon nap

Do you ever take an afternoon nap?

To many, naps are considered a luxury or a sign of laziness but in truth, too many of us are chronically sleep-deprived and the quickest of naps can do wonders.

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The Secret To Building Good Habits

The Secret to Building Good Habits

It’s been said that habits drive our results – that what we do most often, shapes our circumstances. Many of us know that we have bad habits such as eating out of boredom or procrastination. These are important because they are not aligned with our highest desires. Equally important are the positive habits that have gotten us our successes…

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Discover This Easy Life Saving Habit…

walking for health supports body and mind

It might be Friday but we just had to stop what we were doing and share this easy life saving habit with you…

In todays BRAND NEW blog post see what the professionals say about the magic of this simple habit:

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How Is It That Meditation Can Add Hours To Your Day?

How Is It That Meditation Can Add Hours To Your Day

Do you ever wonder how to manage time better?

I mean, how often does an entire day pass you by, leaving more than half your ‘to do’ list still left to do? 

Even though you may have planned perfectly your schedule for the day, something seems to always get in the way, leaving you feeling unaccomplished and wishing for more hours in the day.

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