The Trap Of Feeling Inferior

Feeling Inferior

Do you often feel inferior to others? Do you read the magazines and think, “This person is so much better than me…”? Do you see others as superior to you just because they have the spotlight, or because you have told yourself that they are superior? Do you see someone who is better looking, fitter, more successful, in a happy relationship, wealthier… and feel inferior?

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2 Fast And Stellar Ways To Experience Presence…

being present

Hi, it’s Pollyanna here and I’m so excited to be in touch again…

Here are 2 amazingly fast and easy excercises in this 2 minute video that have helped me cope magnificently with the challenge of becoming wheelchair bound this last year…

If you remember me from the community, you’ll know I’m a great fan of Eckhart Tolle and how much meditation has changed my life and

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The Art Of Flying

Overcoming Challenges - The Art of Flying

One of the most delightful things about being human is our ability to take a challenge and turn it into a treasure. Overcoming challenges not only helps us grow, but it helps us fly, and feel alive like no amount of comfort or security ever could. Here’s a short story to illustrate. A man found…

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The Real Reason You’re Feeling Unfulfilled

The Real Reason You're Feeling Unfulfilled

Do you ever feel something is missing in your life?

If so then you need to watch this video…

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What Consumes Your Mind, Controls Your Life…

Travellers - People Are Not Their Thoughts | Project Meditation

Imagine you are a bus driver. All day long, you pick up travellers. Some are called Joy, Happiness, Peace and Fun. These travellers create an enjoyable journey and you love having them on board. They are quick to laugh. They make the best of the situation if there’s traffic or if the bus gets a…

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Are You Feeding Your Mind Junk Food?

Do You Indulge In Late Night Feasts? | Project Meditation

Your body needs food, and your mind does too. But most of us feed our minds “junk food.” Here’s a typical scenario: you wake up, and while still lying in bed, you start to go over what you have to do that day, your worries, and your stresses. By the time you’ve gotten ready for…

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Health Benefits Of Meditation

Health Benefits of Meditation | Project Meditation

Meditation isn’t just for the mind – it’s a practice that has far-reaching physical applications too. The best part is, the health benefits of meditation are perfect for helping the body cope with today’s busy, fast-paced, hectic and stressful lifestyles… lifestyles that are often not exactly body-friendly. Meditation is a great stress-reduction technique for even…

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Richard Gere And Meditation – “Tame Your Mind”

Richard Gere and Meditation

I am a big fan of actor Richard Gere, and not just for his many movie roles, but because he is also a passionate meditator! Richard speaks of taming the mind, in terms that anyone can appreciate: We live in an ocean, a vast, deep ocean; but we live on the surface. The surface is…

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Success Tips For Sustainable Habits

consistency - 21 day exercise

Meditation is a life-enhancing practice, there’s no doubt about it! But as any meditator will tell you, it doesn’t do you much good to meditate on weekends when you have time, and leave the rest of the week to its own devices. Consistency is the key to success in any new skill… especially meditation because…

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What Is YOUR Number One Reason To Meditate?

What Is YOUR Number One Reason To Meditate?

When I ask why people want to meditate, the number one answer is… to relieve my stress and anxiety. If you have worries about money, career, parenting, health, relationships, overwhelm or anything I’ve missed – then you aren’t alone. We all have burdens to bear and things that can keep us up at night! Some…

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