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how to relieve stress and break the chain of constant anxiety

How To Relieve Stress The Healthy Way In The New Year

Are you constantly trying to figure out how to relieve stress? Do you suffer regularly from a fast heartbeat, headaches, back pain, sweaty palms or an upset stomach? Extreme reactions to stress can come in the form of panic attacks and If you've ever experienced one personally or know someone who has, you'll know that they can be very frightening.

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holidays are coming

Coping With The Symptoms Of Depression During The Holidays

If you are suffering from the symptoms of depression or care for someone who is, remember ... where there's hope, there's a way! And it's a natural way! Not only might mindfulness meditation (or any other technique for that matter) cure the symptoms of depression, it might just change your whole entire life. If you're taking medication, don't stop it. Yet! Patience is part of the recipe.

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Happy Holidays

Every New Day Is A Gift

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. - William Arthur Ward I hope you are enjoying the festive spirit of

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Do You Know The Two Emotions That Mess Us Up The Most?

Gratitude is not sentimental, nor is it jealous or judgmental. It doesn't compare or envy others, it simply is a deep offering of thanks for every thing we have available to us from the day we are born. A gratitude meditation or other chosen moments of thankfulness practiced regularly build upon one another and so as your own personal gratitude grows, it gives rise to deeper and deeper feelings of joy. And this dear friends, is when we can share it out to friends, family and our own communities.

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Lets start a Loving Kindness epidemic | Project Meditation

[Part 1 of 2] Have You Heard Of Metta Meditation?

What does Loving Kindness mean to you? According to the Collins dictionary it means : 'kindness or affectionate behavior resulting from or expressing love' So quite the opposite of being critical and/or judgmental of yourself and others. You may have heard of Metta meditation, otherwise known as loving-kindness meditation. This is a method of developing compassion for oneself and others. Loving Kindness is an unconditional, inclusive love. It is the strong wish for the welfare and happiness of others where there are no conditions attached.

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