It’s absolutely normal to experience some challenges when incorporating meditation into our daily lives in the beginning.

The truth is that while most of us are aware of the amazing physical and mental health benefits of meditation, very few of us actually have a regular practice.

Here’s how you can overcome the 3 biggest obstacles of meditation so as to begin reveling in the blissfulness it offers:

#1 The Best Time To Meditate

The first obstacle most people new to meditation encounter is sitting down consistently for meditation at all. They tend to be hit and miss in their practice which is a great part of the reason so many report lack of success with it. The benefits of meditation are both immediate and long-term. They are cumulative, not just over the course of a few days, weeks, months or years, but over one’s entire lifetime.

Meditation Time | Project Meditation

Inconsistent practice yields equally inconsistent results. So for newcomers it’s true that the best time for meditation is whenever you can find or make the time each day. It’s far better to practice at a different time each day than it is to always practice at the same time just once or twice a week.

We all procrastinate. Let’s face it, even if we know that meditation is amazing, we still manage to find hundreds of things to busy our minds with before we actually go, sit and meditate.

As the Nike slogan says “Just Do It

#2 Trying Too Hard

One of the second obstacles of meditation you may encounter is the frustration of trying to stop your thoughts. Meditation isn’t about stopping your thoughts or trying to empty your mind—both of these approaches only create stress and more noisy internal chatter.

You cannot stop thinking or control your thoughts; still you can be absolutely present and decide not to give them your attention by focusing on your mantra or whatever meditation technique you use until you reach the conscious state of meditation.

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#3 How To Use Your Mantra or Other Chosen Technique

This is when you let go of your mantra or other chosen technique and slip into the quiet space of awareness and pure peace that already exists within you. This is meditation. If and when you slip out of the meditative state and become aware of your thoughts you can focus once again on your mantra or chosen technique.

Because you are human, you will slip out of this state again and again and this is normal. As you meditate on a regular basis, you will spend more and more time in this state of expanded awareness, silence and pure peace. Release suppressed emotions | Project MeditationOnce you know how to overcome 3 of the biggest obstacles of meditation, you’re ready to begin your adventure.

As you progress in your meditation practice, feelings, memories and suppressed emotions that have been buried deep down inside you will sometimes surface giving you the opportunity to let them go.

This Wednesdays Blog Post (03/29/2017) will show you how to deal with them and free yourself from any suppressed emotion that has been holding you back.

“The expectations you bring to meditation practice are often the greatest obstacles you will encounter.”

~ Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche


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Project Meditation

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