Are you a parent, particularly a parent to a child who uses what you might deem too much technology every day?

How much is ‘too much phone time’ or screen time in general?

Do you ever feel (maybe most days) that you’ve arrived at a point where you feel it’s becoming impossible to connect and communicate with your child/ren? There are those days when you try remembering where it all started getting off course.

You’re left feeling frustrated, helpless, hurt or angry.

Parents who grew up playing outdoors all day (not coming inside until their mother or father called them in for dinner) find it baffling to see the amount of time many of todays children spend staring at screens.

So we all now know that excessive technology use isn’t healthy but the BIG question is what can we really do about it in a way that benefits everyone?

Here, gifted teacher of human consciousness, Gary Zukav offers some important direction in how to cope with the challenge of connecting with our children in this information age.

So what can we learn from all this?

Well, we know that excessive use of technology among children is increasing.

In 2010, the American Academy of Pediatrics stated that the average 8-10-year old spends nearly 8 hours a day staring at a screen.

Whether that screen be a TV, computer, tablet or smartphone, teenagers can spend as much as 11 hours a day “plugged in.”

Whether a child is consciously or unconsciously offered this type of technology as a babysitting aid, allowing for parents to do their own thing, excessive phone time among children is already showing serious implications. Most of us simply just don’t realize the potential consequences until later.

Children and in all honesty, many adults too, are so immersed in virtual reality that they’ve forgotten how to enjoy “live” action and find the real world to be boring and unstimulating.

  • In many cases, social skills and learning ability suffer, as children need face-to-face interaction and less phone time to fully develop emotional intelligence, how to function in society, and how to converse with others.
  • Ability to entertain oneself diminishes.
  • There is a higher chance of children normalizing violence in their real lives when exposed to excess simulated violence.
  • Health is compromised greatly as excessive users become sedentary for a number of reasons, one being that blue light from screens interferes with normal sleep patterns (essential for healthy growth).

This isn’t to say that technology is all bad. Far from it! It’s very useful and it’s most definitely here to stay

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Us parents just need to make that extra effort at times to connect with our children in the face of distractions.

Gary reveals to us how technology is simply another way for children to conform and be accepted into society. As we all know, connection and acceptance (the basis for conformity) are very basic human needs.

He also encourages us to find out (easier said than done at times) what our children are really excited about. It is then suggested that we cultivate and encourage these things.

The results of which will lead to having something in common to talk about and connect with and for the confidence in the children to grow in doing what they love.

Isn’t it then that we give our very best? When we’re doing what we really love because it comes so naturally and effortlessly.

What can YOU do right away, that will set you up perfectly to help in re-connecting with your child?


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Being able to witness ‘excess phone time’ reducing naturally from increased and improved connections in the family, you will begin to notice the dramatic changes in the household.

Meditation does not only make you feel happier and calmer, it stimulates creativity too, so you may find new and fun ways to connect wirelessly (or rather, without technology) with your child in ways that you will both enjoy and remember.

You can use your own love for your child as a point of focus in meditation. This will greatly increase your ability to be more empathetic to your child’s need for acceptance and love.

In practicing a loving meditation, you will also rekindle your desire as a parent to be immersed in your child’s life as much as possible, which will give you both a way to find some common ground to talk about and enjoy together now and in the future.

How do you enjoy connecting with your children?

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