What Happens When Your Self-Love Tank Runs Dry?


Do you ever feel like something is preventing you from living your life to the max?

You might be surprised to hear that one of the main reasons for feeling like you can’t really begin living, is because you’re self-love tank is running on empty.

Can just a low amount of self-love impact you this much though? Really preventing you from enjoying life?

According to author, speaker, soulful teacher, healer and artist, Louise Hay, holding back on our own self-love actually manifests as self-criticism.

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Tony Robbins Brings Oprah To Tears

Give Thanks

Tony Robbins Brings Oprah To Tears…

She says, he led an exercise that brought her to tears and reawakened memories she hadn’t thought about for 20 years.

Join in as Tony leads this POWERFUL exercise on the blog here…

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Why The Simple Act Of Kindness Works!

Acts of Kindness

Sometimes it can seem like the world is becoming a place where there is a growing lack of kindness and even worse an increased risk of danger.

BUT we can make a difference… I came across this video today and I just had to share it with you…

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Meditation Offers 5 Ways To Beat Exam Stress

Exam Stress

How is is that some students can stay relaxed and focused under pressure while others get anxious during studies, suffering extreme exam stress?

Some anxiety can be due to lack of preparedness (those late-night study sessions crammed in at the last minute might not have given you all the information you need).

Assuming however that one has been studying and revising for exams, there is a way to get control over your emotions, stay focused and enter a state of peak performance.

It’s as simple as meditating every day.

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What Does The Future Hold?

Your Brain

Have you ever looked at your life as if it were a movie?

You’ve got the starring role, of course, but you are also the writer, director and producer.

In hindsight, you might feel that you’re watching a movie of memories. But what about the future?

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Why Living Consciously Matters!

You Must be the Change you wish to See in the World

You may have heard of a consciousness shift that is happening RIGHT now.

It’s a large-scale evolution of mankind and promotes living consciously. In other words, ‘finding’ and ‘being’ the real you.

It’s hard to believe, with all of the war and disruption going on in our world, but this consciousness shift is happening: its energy is intense and it affects everyone.

Discover in todays blog post how you can take part in the biggest consciousness shift of mankind…

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Which Meditation Technique Is Right For YOU?

Which Meditation Technique Is Right For YOU?

So we cannot escape the fact that the benefits of meditation are worth taking an interest in.

But which meditation technique is right for YOU?

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[How To] Find Your Life Purpose!

Life Purpose Searching

What is your life purpose, do you know yet?

If you’ve ever wondered whether your life even has a purpose, you don’t want to miss this inspiring short video where Oprah interviews spiritual teacher Caroline Myss…

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These 10 Skills Will Change Your Life Forever

Change Your Life

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you feel like life is careening along and you’re just along for a wild ride?

Life is for loving and this simple practice can have you feeling better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, in a very short time…

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Rise Above It And Don’t Let Them Drag You Down!

Rise above

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that causes you intense stress?

A classic example is feeling stuck in a job you hate, surrounded by people you don’t resonate with, all for the sake of a nice paycheck.

The good news, as Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith reveals in this video is that you can change how you have been dealing with this easily, enabling the new you to rise above other people’s bad energy…

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