The Difference Between Acceptance and Surrender

We all know this but do you ever find yourself asking why all the best lessons have to be so hard?

If you’re reading this and find yourself struggling through one of those lessons right now ( the painful, scary, frustrating and overwhelming lessons ), it’s so important to understand that pushing against the experience (in hope that it will go away) actually makes things so much worse for you.

Instead, why not try…

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Do You Know How Dangerous This Can Be?

When resisting emotions, stop, drop and roll

ou might remember, I explained that this is not a result of the suppressed emotions but rather the act of resisting emotions that causes the discomfort.

Well here’s the good news!

Instead of resisting emotions, you can simply welcome, accept and observe any that surface with this easy process inspired by a fire safety drill.

When you’re facing potentially disturbing emotions, it’s like you’re on fire. All you can think about is escaping!

Here’s how you can put out the fire:

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It’s the Resistance, Not the Emotion

Resistance by definition is self-sabotage - Steven Pressfield

It’s not actual suppressed emotions that make you feel upset, it’s your resistance to them that cause the discomfort! Anytime that your mind is trying to process something which is not compatible with your belief system, there will be resistance.

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Unleash Your Inner Genius Today

Unleash Your Inner Genius Today

It’s wonderful, isn’t it, to indulge in your mind’s natural inner genius? The trouble is that all too often, we jump right into the daily to-do list, worries, and mental rehearsal of what we’re going to do that day.

We don’t pause anywhere near enough to give…

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[Question] What Causes Your Anxiety?

Anxiety Meditation

Have you ever suffered from anxiety…

Any kind of anxiety can powerfully affect how you feel, interpret and react to circumstances, and they drive your choices and behaviors.

In todays BRAND NEW blog post we share the most common cause of anxiety and how you can relieve your suffering easily…

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Meditation Techniques – The Ultimate Guide

Meditation Techniques - The Ultimate Guide!

Welcome to our Meditation Techniques – The Ultimate Guide. If you’re reading this then it’s fair to assume you’re wondering where do you begin and how do you decide which meditation technique will fit well with you and your life style.

You may be concerned about the extra time learning your new technique may take especially with all the demands of daily living.

So it will be heart warming to know that many…

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How Positive Affirmations Create A Better Life

Positive Thoughts

The main reason you may not be living the life you dream about, is because you hold yourself back with beliefs that insist, “I can’t” or “that won’t work.”

It’s too easy to become a hostage of your beliefs and shy away from making decisions that support your dreams. But this only results in feelings of resentfulness and dissatisfaction.

Upgrading your beliefs so that they support every one of your dreams doesn’t take a lot of effort. And you’ll be pleased to know it doesn’t require any extra time.

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How To End Your Suffering Now

how to end your suffering

There is a wonderful quote that I encourage you to contemplate: “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” This quote doesn’t talk about physical pain, but emotional pain. Emotional pain can manifest as insecurity, discomfort and discontent, in addition to the more obvious sadness, longing, rejection or frustration. But you don’t have to suffer when you’re…

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10 Steps For Reining In Your Ego That Will Change Everything!

free yourself from your ego

In today’s brand new blog post Wayne Dyer answers your biggest question in this very short video… What is the EGO?

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Which Of These 5 Sneaky Sleep Saboteurs Is Keeping You Awake?

Which of These 5 Sneaky Sleep Saboteurs is Keeping You Awake?

When it comes to the great pillars of health and wellbeing, getting a good night’s sleep is up there with healthy eating and regular exercise.

Here are some factors that might be contributing to your sleep issues, but rest easy — the solutions are easy to implement. Quality sleep can be yours! Read on and tell us what works for you…

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