learn how to stop judging others so much

[WARNING] Discover The Danger Of Constantly Judging Others

It's only human to find yourself judging others but have you ever met someone and thought they were rude, only to realize later that they were actually a very kind and genuine person? Did you feel bad for judging them wrong? If you have, don't beat yourself up... just anchor the moment of realization and learn the lesson. I was told recently...

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LifeFlow Audio Technologys Sleep Easy Solution

How Well Do YOU Sleep?

We need sleep to stay healthy, and to be alert and function at our best during the day. A typical good night’s sleep requires going through a series of sleep cycles every night. It varies from individual to individual but a normal sleep cycle usually takes around 95 minutes to complete before it begins all over again. But each sleep cycle is different in one very critical way... The time you spend in the Delta wave level decreases with each successive cycle. To understand why this is important and the impact it can have on your health and well-being check out todays blog post...

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Mindfulness Meditation and Metta

Mindfulness Meditation And Metta…

Mindfulness Meditation and Metta... Buddhism teaches us that mindfulness is a way to live happily and peacefully. What is mindfulness? Being mindful means the opposite to having a “mind full” of random thoughts that are usually focused on the past or the future. Rather, it’s being fully in the present moment. Any thoughts you do have, are “here” and “now.”

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