Deal With Suppressed Emotions And Memories

Deal With Suppressed Emotions And Memories

Meditation helps you release backlogs of stress and emotions you’ve been burying. At some point, these suppressed emotions and memories will come to the surface so they can be released. This often happens outside of meditation - suddenly you’ll feel...
Doctor Shows Why LifeFlow Beats Stress

Doctor Shows Why LifeFlow Beats Stress

You may be wondering how LifeFlow meditation can bring about such instant relief for stress related conditions such as panic attacks, stress conditions, anxiety conditions, high blood pressure and muscle tension. It's all to do with something called...
don't miss out on an afternoon nap

The Amazing Benefits Of An Afternoon Nap

Do you ever take an afternoon nap? To many people, naps are considered a luxury or a sign of laziness but in truth, too many of us are chronically sleep-deprived and the quickest of naps can do wonders. Greek American author, syndicated columnist and businesswoman Arianna Huffington (co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post) shares with us the reason why her offices have two nap rooms and are actually working on a third.
The Silent Plague Of The 21st Century | Project Meditation

The Silent Plague Of The 21st Century

I believe that stress should be known as the silent plague of the 21st Century... why?... Let me explain why I think that stress is the silent plague of the 21st Century... Life takes its toll on all of us. Our minds, body and spirit all suffer...
Can You See Yourself In Eckhart’s Teachings | Project Meditation

[Eckhart’s Teachings] Do You Live In The Present?

The real you is peaceful and happy and you will begin to discover and experience who you really are when you become conscious and live in the present moment. When you live in the present, you feel vibrant and alive. Your vibrational frequency alters when you live in the present moment of now.
How to be happy | Project Meditation

How To Be Happy

Happiness means different things for different people and so regardless of who you are and what you do, wouldn’t you like the recipe for how to be happy today and every day? What is it that makes you feel happy and joyful? A balanced life perhaps? Could it be self care? Whatever it is to you, take some time to read...
LifeFlow Meditation Is Causing This... | Project Meditation

LifeFlow Meditation Is Causing This…

I want to make sure you clearly understand, whatever you experience with LifeFlow meditation is exactly the right experience for you. You may be enjoying fantastic results already. You may have experienced amazing and pleasurable feelings. Maybe you have no big experiences. With regard to the overall long-term results you will achieve, it really doesn't matter...
[EMF] Counteract Cell Phone Radiation | Project Meditation

Is Your Body Marinating In Potentially Lethal EMF

The science behind exposure to EMF (electromagnetic field) is alarming. For example... Studies by Professor Maria Feychting (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden) showed that people exposed to high magnetic fields at work and home had 3.7 times the risk of developing leukemia compared to those not exposed. [read more]