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Expressing gratitude

Did you know that expressing gratitude can be difficult for a number of people? Frequently, gratitude is mixed in with other feelings like jealousy, envy, embarrassment, or insecurity.

Why? Because it can be humbling to acknowledge that we need help from others.

Gratitude and appreciation given to others or received from others can make a day, even change a life.

Expressing gratitude is as important as anything else in your relationships because it builds trust and respect…

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When We’re Happy We Feel Good

When We're Happy We Feel Good

When we are happy we think better, feel better and perform better; we’re even healthier when we’re happy.

Research even suggests our organs work better when we’re thinking pleasant thoughts.

Taste becomes enhanced, as does our sense of smell. Even hearing and seeing better has been noted.

Feeling happy has an influence on the systems of our body; our stomach, heart and liver function better along with all our other internal organs.

Real happiness comes from within and is not a product of material objects but of thoughts. The ability to…

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Your Pain Body Is Very Seductive

prone to fits of sudden and inexplicable rage

As you probably know, excess Beta waves are often blamed for causing feelings of stress and all of the related problems that come with stress, and while this is true it’s only half of the picture. Beta waves begin at about 14Hz and go up to 40Hz and are divided into low, mid, and high…

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Meditation In Schools Might Just Be The Way Forward

meditation in schools should be compulsory

The fact that mindfulness and meditation in schools is finally showing popularity is an extremely welcome and positive sign.

Those who make meditation a part of their daily lives know how beneficial it is to physical, emotional, and mental health as well as spiritual connection and grounding…

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Would You Like To Reset Your Map Of Reality?

your map of reality

We all unconsciously create our own “Individual map of reality” and set of moral values.

Although certain situations and emotional experiences appear very real to us at the time, they are not in fact reality, only the reality that we perceive ourselves and it to be.

Did you know that the brain operates, by providing an environment, where sequences of activity become recognized as patterns?

If the brain were not a pattern making system, we would be unable to read or write…

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[Question] How Well Do You Adapt To Stressful Situations?

Boost Emotional Resistance

Physical and emotional resilience is, for the most part, something you’re born with. Thankfully however, it’s also a trait that can be and is absolutely worth developing if you wish to adapt to life’s stressful situations and challenges…

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[A Letter From A Friend] I Must Confess…

encouraging a balanced body

Have you ever felt that sometimes things reach a point where it all just feels a bit too much?

Do you ever feel tired and weary of the challenges in daily life feeling far from having a balanced body and mind?

Do you ever put off dealing with certain responsibilities because you just don’t feel you can deal with them right now?

When we feel like this, it can seem like everything is out of balance and it may appear to be impossible to move beyond some situations. Sometimes we can be shocked or hurt by something or someone and it literally staggers us.

A very good friend of mine had been experiencing some of these feelings for quite sometime and he recently told me how a “Native American Medicine Wheel” had been, in his words “A Godsend to him”.

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[3 EASY STEPS] How To Stay Calm Under Pressure

let meditation show you how to stay calm

When you wake up to an alarm, rush to meet deadlines at work, juggle family and work and otherwise cope with the busy-ness and overwhelm of modern life, you may be wondering how you can possibly be calm NOW.

I mean right now, no matter what is going on around you.

You really don’t have to go through life worried, frazzled, exhausted or irritable, despite what the realists of the world might tell you.

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How To Be Happy

How to be happy | Project Meditation

Happiness means different things for different people and so regardless of who you are and what you do, wouldn’t you like the recipe for how to be happy today and every day? What is it that makes you feel happy and joyful? A balanced life perhaps? Could it be self care? Whatever it is to you, take some time to read…

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When Was The Last Time You Wanted To Ask A Favor?

its not an inconvenience to ask a favor

Mr. Jones wanted to build his son a swing set and needed help but didn’t want to ask a favor or bother anyone.

Then he realized something that left him speechless…

Mr. Jones slaved away each and every evening after work and grew tired and irritable causing concern for his wife.

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