Your body needs food, and your mind does too. But most of us feed our minds “junk food.”

Here’s a typical scenario: you wake up, and while still lying in bed, you start to go over what you have to do that day, your worries, and your stresses. By the time you’ve gotten ready for work, you might be in full fight-or-flight mode about something that is weighing heavy on your mind, and you arrive at work already tense and agitated.

This affects you throughout the day. You might feel scattered and unable to focus. You might be more irritated with your coworkers. You might feel lethargic and uninspired, and you might be stuck on a problem and unable to think your way out of it.

That night when you come home, you’re too emotionally and mentally exhausted to even think about going to the gym. It feels better just to veg out in front of the TV, and mindlessly let the news and sitcoms take you away from your worries.

The next morning… you repeat the process.

Finally (finally!!!!) the weekend comes, and you might experience some temporary relief as you have fun, but by Sunday you’re already revved up, stressed out and dreading the coming week.

The Weekend Comes Experience Temporary Relief As You Have Fun | Give Gratitude | Project Meditation

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Feeding your mind the junk food of your worries, the negativity of the news and the pointlessness of canned entertainment, doesn’t do anything FOR you. It just makes you more tense.

Here is how you can learn to feed your mind with the highest quality thoughts, so that you create a positive inner atmosphere that feels good, and makes you happy:

First thing in the morning, feed yourself mental images and feelings, using all of your senses, to visualize yourself as the best you can be on that day.

Imagine yourself cheerfully commuting to work instead of letting traffic upset you.

Imagine yourself being productive, optimistic and positive at work no matter what chaos is around you.

Imagine yourself being extra friendly and kind to everyone.

Imagine yourself being confident.

Imagine yourself interacting in loving ways with your family, even if they’re pushing your buttons.

Imagine yourself feeling energized all day so you can focus and have the energy to take care of your body with exercise. Feel the joy of movement and the way exercise leaves you pumped up and happy.

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Imagine yourself eating the best quality foods.

Imagine yourself taking the time to work on your passions and big goals, even for just a few minutes.

Imagine yourself solving all of your challenging problems.

Imagine yourself relaxing and allowing difficult situations to resolve themselves, or for answers to come to you.

Imagine being in the Flow (the Zone).

In short, imagine the day going exactly as you want it to go, and if you anticipate a difficult day, mentally rehearse yourself confidently making the very best choices in your words and actions.

Imagine what can go right, and mentally rehearse yourself overcoming any challenges you anticipate or fear.

What a lovely way to start the day!

Gratitude - What A lovely Way To Start The Day | Project Meditation

Last thing at night just before you go to sleep, spend a few minutes giving thanks.

Give thanks for everything that went well today.

Give thanks for every challenge – and dig deep to find the hidden blessings and benefits in adversity.

Give thanks for creativity, focus, perseverance, kindness, compassion, boldness and joy you felt today.

Give thanks for your fears and what they are teaching you.

Give thanks for the people you interacted with today, even (especially) the ones who challenged or upset you (what are they teaching you about yourself?).

Give thanks for all the good in the world.

If you take a few minutes to do these exercises every day, you will be less influenced by the negativity of the media, as well as any negativity coming from people around you.

You will feel more motivated and inspired to follow through on making this a great day – and a gratitude practice will help you appreciate life, even when it doesn’t seem to be going your way.

Positive visualization and gratitude are two of the very best “foods” you can feed your mind on a daily basis. Do this every day and watch your outlook change, and your happiness grow!

Why not check out our Gratitude Exercise video below that’s been watched by over 40,000 YouTubers…



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