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Teach Meditation

There are hundreds of different courses available on learning to teach meditation, ranging from one day to three years in duration, depending on the path you choose with your studies. If you simply want to teach meditation to classes of beginners, a shorter course would be worth consideration, but for those who want to really experience the depths of rumination and connect with the higher consciousness, a longer course would be the way.

To teach meditation, you first need to give some thought to the different places meditation fits in life: It is taught in some work environments, sold on audio tapes and in MP3 format, sports teams use it as part of training and students and schools are also seeing success. Meditation is also an important and valuable ingredient to any yoga course, and almost all serious students learn to teach at least basic meditation techniques. Contemplation should always be given to your own personal healing and personal power, as the best meditation teachers are the ones who have worked out their own issues and judgments.

Almost anyone can teach meditation at the beginner's level, and it really involves guiding a class into deep relaxation and reflection. For those who really want to educate others about the benefits to meditation, brainwaves, and the power of the subconscious mind, you really need to do a serious and lengthy course. Buddhist retreats and yoga centers will offer courses that run for one to three years, and the outcome is being qualified to teach yoga and meditation.

In yoga, you would never teach anything you haven't done or experienced yourself with great deliberation, and the teachers should always be more evolved and enlightened than their students. They see deep reflection and evolution of the soul as a necessary part of learning to meditate, and it doesn't only involve a session of relaxation lying on the floor. They study the history of meditation, learn the philosophies of the dharma, and participate in daily walking meditations, open eye meditations, sitting meditations and laying down meditations. They also run intense yoga classes, eat strict, healthy diets, and often maintain honorable silence for days at a time. This is all designed to produce successful and experienced yoga masters who can instruct and teach meditation to others.

Not only those associated with teaching the classes directly, but also others in the field of education can use meditation as a tool to help students. If you tutor someone, lecture, train, or instruct, teaching your pupils to relax and focus is an important and valuable learning technique they can use in all areas of their lives. An example is a basketball coach for a team of adolescents: Before each game, he decided to start taking the team through a guided meditation he had come across, and when they were in a state of deep relaxation he used imagery to have them visualize winning and working together as a team. The effect was astounding as the youngsters were more grounded and on top of their game. It is now twenty years since he first used this technique, and he still coaches and still insists his teams do their group meditation before each match. He very proudly boasts that many of the boys who were in his team have thanked him and admitted to using the technique right though college and into their working lives.

Fitness trainers, student tutors and anyone who is involved with a school learning environment should take a short course to teach meditation. You just never know when the skills and knowledge could come in handy, both for yourself and others. Anytime you come across someone who is experiencing stress, tension, or worry, you could write them out a brief meditation they can use each night to help resolve their problem. Parents should also learn to teach meditation to their children to ensure they have the skills they need to relax and control their minds.

By Jim Bow

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