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Meditation Definition

A meditation definition is both simple and tricky, as there is realistically a lot of ground to cover. If you are new to the soothing practice of meditation, you might be in search of a meditation definition that you can understand and take to heart and one to send you on your way towards finding yourself on the right spiritual path. With a little bit of consideration and thought, however, you will be able to see a common thread that runs through various different types of meditation and finally be able to come up with a meditation definition that best suits your needs.

The first thing that a meditation definition usually attempts to cover is the physical aspect. When you meditate, the idea is usually that you be comfortable but alert. To this end, you usually want to be sitting up or, more rarely, standing up, not lounging on your side or lying on your back. If you have no health issues that preclude this, you can start your ruminations with good posture. Keep your eyes shut and regulate your breathing, making sure that you feel every breath and that your body is relaxed, but attentive.

The second thing that a meditation definition tackles is the mindset. When you meditate, it is not as if your mind is free of deliberations and reflections. Instead, you become detached; you go instead to a place where you can see everything the most clearly. This can be useful in any life and you might realize that your problems are much more easily solved with this type of deliberation. A good meditation definition will set you on the right track and give you hints towards clearing your mind, something that is very important to many sects that use meditation.

A meditation definition may or may not touch on the philosophy behind the meditation.  Many eastern religions have used meditation towards one end or another and there are many different philosophies regarding meditation, ranging across the sects of Buddhism and Hinduism that have meditation as one of their main practices and tools towards enlightenment. 

A good meditation definition will address many of the questions you might have about meditation and it might be best that you get it from a teacher. A teacher or guide that you meet with in person can greatly move your practice forward and point you in the right direction as far as your meditation practice goes. Finding a clear and concise meditation definition that means something to you can aid your journey of contemplation.

By Carolyn Marsh

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