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Meditation and Alternative Medicine

Meditation and alternative medicine go hand in hand, and meditation can be seen as complimentary to natural therapies or as an alternative option all together. If you thought meditation was purely for relaxation, you should give consideration to the studies that show how it lowers blood pressure and increases learning capabilities. Both meditation and alternative medicine can be seen as viable options to rushing off for a pharmaceutical medication that is likely to be toxic.

A perfect example for contemplation is of people who summer from insomnia: Tossing and turning in bed, unable to stop your mind racing through a hundred thoughts a minute and finally resorting to sleeping pills in desperation. Of course, sleeping pills make everyone feel drowsy, groggy and have an unusual feeling of not being able to think properly. They take a long time for the kidneys to process, and it can take some people a couple of days to recover fully after taking them. Time of deep rumination prior to your bedtime will help anyone get off to sleep, and it is a much healthier substitute to sleeping pills.

Another excellent example of how meditation and alternative medicine can help in place of tablets and medication is for those who have a problem with anxiety. Instead of filling a prescription for Prozac as your first point of call, try guided meditations for positive thinking, self-esteem, and panic attacks. You will be amazed at the power of the mind to turn the situation around, and it saves you tampering with brain chemicals and having to withdraw from anti-depressants.

Often times, you will visit the herbalist or naturopath and they will not only be interested in your physical symptoms, but will also inquire as to how you have been feeling emotionally. Many symptoms can present themselves as signs of stress, and although herbs will be prescribed, they will be likely to recommend meditation: And alternative medicine practitioners sometimes use meditation as a tool to assist with counseling clients, finding it helps clear their mind so they can discuss the true issues at hand without distraction.

Some amazing stories exist about people who claim to have healed themselves of cancer and other serious disease with meditation, and alternative medicine modalities certainly encourage the practice. However most professionals are of the belief that it is best to completely overhaul your lifestyle to effectively heal yourself of illness, so healthy food; regular exercise and counseling will also be prescribed.

Use deliberation when combining meditation and alternative medicine to overcome your problems, whether mental emotional or physical. When you enter in to a daily state or deep rumination and relaxation, your body can turn its energies to healing and repairing damage, clearing toxins and rejuvenating muscles and organs. Use imagery in your meditation and visualize the remedy you are using having great impact and healing throughout your whole body.

By Sandy Stooge

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