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About Meditation

Some people talk about meditation and others claim to know about meditation but unless you regularly practice meditation you will never truly understand about meditation and all the wonderful benefits you can achieve. Meditation reduces stress and helps us deal with the constant barrage of sensory input to which we are subjected every day. As we go through our day, we usually have a constant mental commentary running in the background. Contemplation and reflection can help us reduce all this mental activity and bring peace and calmness into our minds. Meditation can help us to rejuvenate our awareness.

Common benefits of meditation include increased awareness, a feeling of relaxation, better mental focus, and greater clarity of mind. These effects have been backed up by scientific studies which show that stress reduction occurs in people who meditate regularly. More and more doctors tell their patients about meditation and recommend it for many stress related illnesses. Even if you don't feel these benefits right away, it's important that you stick with your meditation program.

Many people choose to meditate early in the morning. That way, they can face their day feeling refreshed and calm. Morning meditation also reduces the chance that you will fall asleep during the course of the meditation. While calmness is one of the desired effects, you do not want to be so calm that you go to sleep.

Likewise, if you need to choose between meditating before you eat and after, always engage in contemplation before the meal. That way you will feel more refreshed. In general, it's a good idea to set aside a special place for meditation that you don't use for anything else. This keeps you from being distracted by any other things you use the location for during the course of meditating.

While many people associate a religious aspect about meditation, this is not actually necessary. While meditation involves contacting an inner peace within ourselves, the name that is given to this peacefulness varies. This is why all methods of meditation are equally valid – they are all different roads to the same place. The benefits are the same, no matter what different beliefs people have about meditation.

By Scarlett Johnson

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