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Vipassana Meditation Center

As our lives grow busier and it feels like our goals are farther away than every before, it becomes necessary to find a peaceful place inside ourselves, a place where we can be free from the stress, if only for a few moments. One place where you can find this space for reflection and rumination is a vipassana meditation center. A vipassana meditation center is a location dedicated to the art of this non-sectarian mediation.

Vipassana is the Sanskrit word for "insight" and despite its Buddhist origins, can be applied universally and have universal results. It has a very simple and logical progression and it depends on experience and deliberation. This does not necessarily mean that a great deal of training or studying is necessary, only that a person must be observant and maintain an open mind about their own life. As with many forms of meditation, the eye turns inward and the small lies and half truths we tell ourselves must be weeded out through thoughtful contemplation.

While the techniques themselves are very simple, the vipassana meditation centers do caution that it is not always easy. This is an exercise that is meant for self-purification. To get to where you need to be, you must undergo this purification in order to face your life's stresses and problems in a calm and balanced fashion. Through the disciplined and conscious thought that is inherent in this form of meditation, you can let go of your demons and make a positive contribution to the society you live in and are a part of.

There is not much documentation available on vipassana meditation available in public forums. This does not mean that this discipline is difficult or beyond the normal person! There is simply great care taken to avoid confusion and prevent incorrect practice. Essentially, vipassana meditation involves retraining the mind to avoid its own pre-programming to certain stimuli.

In this way, vipassana meditation can be of great use to people who have suffered abuse or trauma, and have retained responses to certain triggers. As victims of abuse or trauma become desensitized to their triggers, the painful memory is not recalled so often, allowing time and distance in order to heal. The purpose of vipassana meditation is not necessarily to release past trauma, but to understand it fully. As full awareness of the body and mind come together and are finally fully present, dormant feelings are allowed to surface. One begins to see the full scope of how impermanent reality truly is and that can put a person's life into perspective.

Unlike other meditations that are meant to complement your life, vipassana meditation itself is meant to be a way of life. Full integration of vipassana meditation techniques can bring valuable insight and changes to a person's entire world.

Because these techniques are not commonly published, the best way to learn this valuable meditation art is through attending workshops or classes offered at vipassana meditation centers. These centers are not vacation spots, but places where one can enter with a great deal of baggage and trauma and leave with a better way to deal with it.

By Dave Webster

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