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Meditation Rooms

Meditation rooms can be a joy to design. Meditation rooms are reflections of personality and character. When it comes to the establishment of meditation rooms, there is no one way to direct someone on how to customize the "sacred" space that will help an individual achieve higher levels of reflection. One should take into consideration that meditation rooms are a sanctuary that is an entirely personal adventure in creating surroundings that cater to the unique tastes of a meditator.

Meditation rooms can be as bare as an empty closet or as full of decoration and attractive items as one desires. Generally, the less crowded and full of distractions meditation rooms are, the deeper an individual may travel when reaching the level of contemplation and rumination they desire. Some people disregard the creation of mediation rooms altogether and opt for a couple of square feet in the great outdoors or a secret corner tucked away in the backyard.

Whatever the preference, it is the designation of personal space that makes or breaks meditation rooms. Once a space has been chosen, it is also the treatment of such a place of deliberation that also affects the success of a meditative journey. The atmosphere must provide an environment where the mind enters a state of awareness, which opens up to and embraces the calm and stillness that individuals wish to achieve during meditation. The best meditation rooms are those that encourage concentration and focus, while enhancing the mind during the overall process.

To enhance the surroundings of meditation rooms, there are plenty of things that one may include. If the most favored place to meditate is on the floor, then cushions should be one of the number one furnishings associated with meditation rooms. Cushions and pillows especially come in handy when trying to reach a state of reflection while sitting on a hard floor. When choosing a cushion, it should supply enough padding to soften your seat upon the floor for any period of time. If you plan on sharing your meditation room with others, it is a good idea to have more than one cushion on hand.

Setting the mood with candles and incenses is a good way to clear the air of impurities and create an atmosphere that caters to your personal senses. When you feel more relaxed in your own space, the better your meditative process will become. Experiment with different scented candles and incenses, which will have varying effects on setting the mood.

When looking for productive pieces of furniture to include in meditation rooms, you may want to consider a small prayer table or kneeling bench to assist in achieving the state of mind needed to get the most out of rumination. The sounds of peace and calm will help take meditators to the places they wish to travel during a session of mediation. A CD player emitting the sounds of falling rain, running water or a tropical rainforest is suggested. Another way to set a calming mood is to display and arrange peaceful photos and/or posters, such as a sunset, waterfall, or anything that brings tranquility. Flowers also help set a relaxing atmosphere as well, especially when they are fresh.

In order to get the most benefit from meditation rooms, it is important to refrain from causing any distractions or adding any disruptions to your surroundings because this will ultimately hinder your progress to achieve the highest levels of awareness and meditative success.

By Sarah Antrobus

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