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Meditation Premenitions

Meditation has been used globally for many years and is scientifically proven to have both health and spiritual benefits. By meditating, you can manage pain and reduce stress. Anyone can learn to do it. To meditate, you have to alter your brainwave state into theta which is relaxing, or alpha which is resting. When you can make your brain rhythm slow down like this, your heart rate, breathing rate and metabolism slow down and your blood pressure lowers. Natural painkillers called endorphins are released into your body when you are meditating and relaxed.

Another interesting effect of meditation is that it can open your mind and cause meditation premonitions or intuitive ideas. When you are in alpha or theta mode, you might notice some interesting occurrences. Usually, in our day to day lives, we rush around in a world of noise and chaos, taking no time out to relax or think. If we live like this, our brains are constantly full of mundane facts and information, rather that focusing inward and working in a different way altogether. When you relax into meditation, you can either empty your mind altogether, focus on a mandala or similar or passively observe the surroundings. Your brain is still active and alert. If you have a feeling of presentiment or forewarning – a meditation premonition - you should accept the feeling instead of rejecting it or trying to analyze it.

If you get a hunch in your busy, everyday life, it is common to push it to the back of your mind and forget it but in meditation, you are drawing on your subconscious and allowing ideas to freely enter your mind. Meditation premonitions come from a higher part of the mind and anyone can have them. When you are in contemplation, your mind is working properly and your intuitive sense is heightened. It is better to let these thoughts and feelings come into your mind, rather than try to analyze them straight away. If you have meditation premonitions, accept them as they come and trust any hunches or intuitive feelings you have. There is nothing spooky about having meditation premonitions. Some people have them without meditation but meditating does make premonitions more likely.

The brain is split into two halves. The left side and the right side are connected by the corpus collosum. The left side is responsible for logical, ordered thoughts and planning. The right side is more creative and speculative. Children use the right side more, which is why they are more creative and imaginative. Adults use the left side more, in the serious world of careers, mortgages and adult problems. The right side gets left behind or ignored. When we meditate, we cut off the conscious side of our mind to a high degree, allowing the creative, intuitive part to take over. That is why meditation premonitions and feelings are common. The more you are able to practice meditation, the better you can attune the subconscious part of your mind and the more meditation premonitions and presentiments you are likely to experience.

By Natalie Bennett

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