Meditation for World Peace

Meditation for world peace is a goal for some huge meditation organizations. Meditation for world peace may be a form of meditation that many people aren’t aware of. But that is not to say that meditation for world peace is not worth your contemplation. Meditation requires stillness of thought, as well as careful contemplation. Meditation can help to calm the nerves, reduce stress, and give a person a greater feeling of harmony with the universe and serenity. However, many people go beyond this benefit, and practice meditation for world peace for the betterment of all humanity.

Included is an example of the instructions for meditation for world peace. It is meant for creating a feeling of calm and quiet in oneself, as well as bringing it to the rest of the planet. Many people believe that meditation can be a great help to the entirety of humanity.

Meditation for world peace begins with a simple breath exercise. One consciously inhales, and visualizes the life energy from that breath going down to the chakra situated around the navel. This exercise is performed eleven times. Then the exercise is repeated in the opposite fashion, adding a visualization of all emotional impurities leaving the body with the exhalation. A feeling of tranquility soon spreads throughout the body.

The person performing the meditation for world peace then visualizes a line of light running from the base of their spine to the chakra behind their eye. This line is very thin and very bright, around the diameter of a hair, but gradually grows in thickness until it is a column of light visualized inside the person. Then, the meditator visualizes this light becoming egg shaped. It is often recommended that one concentrates on this light for around fifteen minutes.

The light then reverses, becoming a column, and then thinning back down in diameter until it is once again only as thick as a hair. As the light is released, all the emotions intended for the rest of the earth is also released – silence of worry, inner peace, and joy. Some people practice meditation for world peace on a daily basis in order to help bring peace and happiness to the world around them.  

There are many different variations on meditation for world peace, but they all still have the same basic goal. People performing meditation for world peace hope to better the lives of people all over the world through their actions. Meditation helps us feel at peace with ourselves, and interact with the world more calmly. Being at peace with yourself can also help bring peace to the world in general.

By Sam Norton

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