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Meditation for Atrial Fibrillation

Meditation and atrial fibrillation is something that probably hasn’t had the coverage and research that it deserves. If you learn meditation and atrial fibrillation symptoms become under control it has to be worthy of consideration. As we all know meditation has many benefits and one of those benefits is meditations ability to reduce stress. In reducing stress you reduce the chance of heart problems. So why not put more research into meditation and atrial fibrillation as it definitely seems to me that meditation can aid atrial fibrillation.

Meditation is an age old practice where we relax the body and calm the mind. During meditation, we find that our body systems will slow down. Our heart rate will slow; our breathing slows as our body relaxes and our mind focuses on alleviating stress and helping us to find inner peace. There are medical patients with a particular heart condition that may be able to use these benefits to better control their symptoms. This condition is known as atrial fibrillation. We need to look at and understand how meditation and atrial fibrillation can be joined together to help patients.

More than two million Americans have atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is when your heart’s two upper chambers, which are called the atria, beat in a chaotic fashion out of rhythm with the lower chambers (the ventricles). This causes an irregular and often rapid heart rate which then causes poor blood circulation through the body. This has multiple effects on the body systems and sufferers will often be short of breath, feel weak and feel heart palpitations.

Being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation is not a death sentence. Actually it rarely causes death; it can however lead to complications. Most doctors will try medications to help control your heart rhythm and or other interventions to alter the hearts electrical system. You may be one of the many patients who would like to try alternative means of getting your atrial fibrillation under control. You may want to consider meditation.

Western doctors are stepping into the new age and realizing the effects that emotional stress and anxiety play a huge role in what is happening in our bodies. Stress and anxiety cause an increased release of stress hormones into our bloodstream and this interferes with normal heart rhythm and pumping strength.

Meditation helps you to reduce your stress and promotes healthier living. Stress is often an underlying cause of heart problems. So using a stress reduction therapy is often recommended by doctors, and more times than not they are recommending meditation. They recommend meditation because it helps to reduce symptoms and slow the heart rate.
Meditation also helps you improve your ability to cope with stressful events before you have any symptoms.

Stress is a major contributor to a lot of our health problems. Unfortunately a lot of people tend to think that they are dealing with their stress or that stress doesn’t affect them. The truth is stress affects all of us, and we need to find ways to cope with that stress before it kills us. Meditation is affordable, can be done anywhere and doesn’t require you to buy any equipment.

Meditation does offer benefits for people who suffer from atrial fibrillation. It is a non medical, non invasive practice that can help you control your symptoms. Not only will meditation help you control your atrial fibrillation but will give you an overall improvement in your health and your life. Obviously speak to your doctor and show him the research you have found about meditation and atrial fibrillation.

By Mark Lewis

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