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Meditation and Contemplation

You may have heard of or thought of embarking on meditation and contemplation, but not really understood what these words mean. Meditation has been a buzzword in recent years, often poorly explained and tossed around carelessly. In the simplest terms, meditation and contemplation are states of reflection on some thought or object of awareness, including the mind and the nature of divinity. Meditation and contemplation have been used for centuries in various cultures, from medieval Christian monastic orders, to the more familiar Hindu and Buddhist practices. Such rumination can help to further personal development, to focus the mind on the divine or some aspect of it, or to achieve inner peace. The combinations of meditation and contemplation with physical disciplines such as yoga’s have been used to further and improve all over mind and body health.

Meditation and contemplation can help to improve the health of your mind and body. Consideration of and focus on particular parts of the body have been said to improve blood flow and nutrient supplies. Deliberation on selected subjects can improve the control and concentration ability of the mind. Observation of subjects who perform concentration exercises has found correlations with their later performance. Inspection of meditation and contemplation proves that they have many health benefits. This kind of reflection improves oxygen consumption and blood flow, while decreasing the respiratory rate and slowing the heart rate. Stress and anxiety can cause our organs to overwork and wear themselves out. Meditation and contemplation also increase the tolerance of heart patients for beneficial types of exercise.

High blood pressure can be reduced, as well as the incidence of anxiety attacks and muscle tension. Because meditation and contemplation improve serotonin production, mood and behavior can benefit greatly. Self confidence improves with regular contemplation. In cases of chronic disease, this practice can be used to reduce symptoms, and to speed post operative healing. Mediation and contemplation also have the ability to enhance the immune system, reducing the activity of viruses, bacteria, and fighting the defense-destroying actions of emotional and physical distress. Meditation and contemplation can also help the meditator to strengthen their own individual identity and resolve psychological issues within their own minds. The world is constantly assaulting us with feelings of self-doubt and fear. Meditation and contemplation can strengthen our minds and spirits against these things, healing us and allowing us to build a shield of strength to protect us.

Regular practice of meditation and contemplation will allow you to reap their benefits. Infrequent practice does not build up the same kind of inner strength and healing, and will not aid you as much as a routine of contemplation. With regular practice, even the acts of meditation and contemplation become easier, as the peace within you becomes easier to find and maintain.

By Sarah Antrobus

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