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Healing Mantra Meditation

Meditation is known as a tool to help the mind relax. It is also pretty well known that healing mantra meditation is a form of meditation that through an uninterrupted contemplation of what sound you’ve chosen will help to relax your mind and body. It may not be sufficiently clear how to reach a state of mind that will become healing in meditation and meditative efforts.

When preparing yourself for healing mantra meditation, it is important to first choose the sound that you will be using as a mantra. For some, it’s a simple “OMMM” sound, but for others might want to choose something more specific such as “I will” as you inhale, “release tensions” as you exhale. The sound that you choose will be important to you as you ruminate over what it is you’re trying to accomplish or heal with this curative type of meditation. The more specific the sound, the more specific the healing can be.

Some tips to contemplate may be can your problem be put into a short set of words? Is the problem something specific or is it something more general. Are you looking for a solution for yourself or someone close to you? Deliberation of these thoughts will help you decide whether a general sound or specific will work better for you.

Once you have chosen your mantra, you will want to sit yourself in a comfortable position. Some will choose the lotus position, sitting cross legged with back perfectly straight. Others may not choose the floor and can choose to sit in a chair or on a stool. Either way, be sure your back is aligned and your posture is straight. Close your eyes and begin your mantra. Be sure to focus your attention on your voice and the repetition of sound. Contemplate the repetitive sound that is emanating from you. Soon you will feel yourself let go of your problem as the negativity of it is released, and you open yourself to the curative powers of your mantra. Once your mind has prepared itself for healing, that healing will physically and mentally begin.

Healing mantra meditation has been used for centuries and will continue to be used. The healing benefits of this practice are unparalleled. Where modern medicine can fall short, meditation through a mantra prepares your body and mind for the healing that will be taking place. If talking and therapy have not been enough to solve a problem, meditation and rumination of the problem through a mantra will open your mind and move it to the positive. In doing so, the opportunity for a solution opens up and often is found.

This curative form of meditation is used and used again by many. It has proven to harmonize the body and mind. In doing so, the process of healing can and will begin. Contemplation of that mantra in meditation often is the first step on the road to healing.

By Adam Santiago

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