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Free Meditation Lessons

Almost each one of us, who is inclined towards learning and practicing Meditation, passes through this debate of relying on the free of charge meditation material downloads versus paid guidance and material available only after paying a cost for it.
The first question which comes to mind is about the availability of material on net. Where can one get free information and material for studying and knowing more about meditation? In the world of internet, for sure one can simply get a long list by doing a Google search with respective key word search. However, if you look at search result, one can easily categorize it into two categories – (1) free available material (2) priced sellable mediation courses, products, information, book, self-help, booklets etc
The second question which pops up is whether to avail the benefit of information available without charge or should one take a paid course? The points which should be taken into consideration, before deciding and judging better of the two options as follows:-

  • Are free meditation downloads worth downloading?
  • Can Meditation be learned by reading material available for free? Or does it require a practical real life teaching?
  • Is the material available free of charge authenticated, trust worthy and effective?
  • What is my learning style and pattern? Am I comfortable in reading the material found at no cost, understand the instruction and follow them thru by my self alone or would I need help from an instructor.
  • What are the budget constraints that I have and how much am I willing to pay for receiving such information?
  • Do I have the time and inclination to find the best available free material from the long list?
  • Does one have a substantial benefit over other?
  • Why do they make it available free of cost? Can it really be free?
  • What kind of meditation download is free and which requires paying a cost?

According to me, both the option (free meditation download and paid downloads) have a distinct advantage and should be used according to the need of the person.

One can use the free available online information as a base and material for research and broader understanding of the subject. In most cases, browsing and depending on free of cost information  provides a person a general idea of what meditation is, benefits of practicing meditation, a generic guidelines of practicing it. One can get used to glossary of terminologies like difference between contemplation, reflection, rumination by simply referring to a couple of free sites. However, if after collecting information and knowledge about the subject, as one wants to progress deeper in knowledge and higher in experiencing meditation, on must rely on the paid services for effective results. 

For example, if one is a novice in field of meditation, he should first use “free meditation material” to get a flavor, general awareness, and understanding of the subject. For a more seasoned player, free meditation downloads wouldn’t really be of much help. In such a case, free download might just complicate the matter by providing a contradictory view to an already known and practiced method. To answer these questions and get a clearer and deeper understanding on subject, one would require proper directions from experts of the field. At such a times, free downloads would not really help but add to the confusion of mind. If one is unable to analyze, correlate the various downloads, materials and available information, then he/she should turn to a paid service to get the confusion cleared. Also as one moves up the ladder, he requires a need of expert teacher or guide to walk with him on higher paths.

As seen, the paid and free meditation downloads should not be seen as competing against each other, but be acknowledged as being complimentary to each other. Each has its “best-fit-situational use” and must be used appropriate to situation and need.

By Dave Rodrigues

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