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Decorating Meditation Room

Decorating meditation room or rooms can be so exciting but remember decorating meditation room or your meditation area can actually effect your meditations, so it is important on how you do this. Below you will find some great decorating meditation room tips. Having your very own meditation room deserves your consideration and reflection. Your contemplation on how your meditation room is set up for you is important for your meditations. Whether you have a small apartment or a large home you can create your own meditation room. Your meditation room should be a room that you can walk into and instantly begin to feel relaxed. Everything in the room – the colors, the items, the decorations, etc, - should all help you with your daily meditations. Therefore, your deliberations for your own meditation room are important and vital for continued success with meditation.

It needs to be a quiet place with no distractions. If you live near anyone else choose a room furthest away from them and their noise. It should be as empty as possible, comfortable, and simple. It should be a place that can give you complete privacy and be away from other main daily activities in your home.

Think about how much light you want in your meditation room. You might like it completely dark, or have some very dim lights in certain areas. You may even want to have brighter lights in your room. What kind of light helps you to feel more relaxed? Some people actually have a certain type of light that creates a calm feeling. Fluorescent lights are probably never chosen as they have been shown to cause fatigue and even anxiety. However, natural light can work well and help you feel calm. Keep your room free from the outside world. Keep computers, phones, and televisions out of your meditation room.
Decorating meditation room tip 1
You may want to paint your room a certain light, calm color. Choose a color that helps you feel relaxed, such as a light blue, green, brown or red. The decorative elements should be quiet, and not overwhelming to the eye.

A meditation room that gives a view of an ocean, pond, river, lake or garden can be just the thing you need to help you meditate.

Decorating meditation room tip 2
What do you want to have in your room? Remember to keep it uncluttered. You may want to add some items that create a calm ambiance such as candles, incense, fountains, plants and a CD player that will play soothing sounds and a guided meditation course. You can even choose to have a meditation pyramid to decorate your meditation room. If you want to help developing countries when purchasing meditation items there are lovely Fair Trade gift baskets, meditation bells and singing bowls.


Decorating meditation room tip 3
Now you can begin to think about seating. You can use a rattan or cane meditation chair, a Dhyana chair or a tantra chair, a bench, a mat, or some other type of seat or cushion. The more comfortable you are throughout meditation, will result in all your awareness and focus being about your meditation session which will result in you achieving a much deeper and more tranquil state. Meditation chairs give comfort and support for the spinal column, knees and ankles. They are superbly designed pieces of furnishings which make meditation a more fulfilling experience.  

Decorating meditation room tip 4
Last but not least you can think about what to wear yourself. Any loose fitting clothes are fine. You must remove shoes for comfort. However a number of people like to be dressed in meditation clothing as it adds to the experience for them and many people simply love the styles of the garments and the fact that the materials are 100% natural. One of the most admired items of meditation wear is the hooded meditation cloak. Designed with generous width and length, the cloak provides maximum coverage in many meditation postures. The hood offers the wearer a sacred private environment for reflection.

I hope you these decorating meditation room tips help you create a peaceful haven for your contemplations.

By Dave Webster

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