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David Lynch Meditation

Director David Lynch, known mostly for his often surreal and dreamlike films, such as Blue Velvet and Mulholland drive, is promoting transcendental meditation. In 2005, he told the Washington post that his routine of meditation consisted of practice twice a day, twenty minutes at a time, for the past thirty-two years. David Lynch advocates the use of meditation in bringing peace to the world. Also in 2005, he created the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and Peace. This foundation exists to fund research about the positive effects of reflection and rumination on the human psyche. 

David Lynch states that he began his program of transcendental meditation when he was a student at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. He found that one day he thought he should be the happiest person in the world, but found only emptiness inside him. When he began learning transcendental meditation, he found that his life was changed. All the anger he had been taking out on his wife, all his depression, and sorrow were gone. David Lynch states that the fear of the unknown is a great source of pain to the world, causing blame and anxiety. When practicing transcendental meditation, this anxiety is lifted away, filling the meditator with calmness of thought.

The goal of all serious meditation is spiritual enlightenment, says David Lynch. While he practices transcendental meditation, he believes that other forms of contemplation are equally effective. It is not the vehicle that brings one to the goal, but the experience that is important. The state of calm awakening induced by consideration and deliberation is the goal to be sought. David Lynch decided to discuss his meditation publicly because he feels that it will bring good to the world. Peace, he says, is the absence of negativity, and the regular practice of meditation can help to eliminate negativity from a person’s life. It is also said that when one percent of the world’s population is meditating, the entire country will be affected by an increase in harmony. Without inner peace, no amount of activism can hope to bring about peace for the entire world. All the troubles of the world are merely ripples in the surface. It is necessary to change what is going on beneath that surface, in the deeps, to change the surface.

David Lynch’s immediate goals regarding the spread of meditation are concrete. He wishes to raise twenty million dollars to help teach transcendental meditation to inner city children, and to college students. He hopes that this will help to reduce stress and promote harmony among both groups. Though renowned for the darkness of his films, David Lynch says that with meditation practice, the world and people all look better. Ultimately, he is hoping to raise another seven billion dollars to endow seven universities of meditation. These universities are meant to improve awareness and promote world peace.

By Dave Forrester

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