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Chakras Meditation

Chakra meditation is a very beneficial form of meditation. The benefits are numerous and can help you out in many ways. A chakra is like an energy center of sorts inside the body. Most experts would say they are aligned along the spine. Chakra meditation is a way to tap into that energy or life force.

Chakra meditation can help to allow a better flow throughout the body. There are many different opinions on how many chakras there actually are in the body. Some experts say as few as five, while others go as high as eight. Chakra is literally translated to mean wheel. This definition fits as they are thought to be spinning centers that collect energy from the outside universe.

The main goal of Chakra meditation is to bring the chakras into balance. Through consideration and contemplation, this can be achieved. When this is accomplished, you are will be revitalized. It is like opening a storehouse of life energy.

Even modern medicine has taken some notice of chakras, as of late. There have been remarkable links between the chakras and the endocrine system in the body. For example there is one chakra called the crown chakra that controls all the others. This is strikingly similar to the pituitary gland in the body. It releases hormones that manage the rest of the endocrine system. Another similarity is with the Ajna chakra. During chakra meditation, you must concentrate on Ajna, also known as the third eye. This is located at the brow point, right around the eyebrows. It is very closely associated with the pineal gland in the body. The chakra is supposed to be aware of light and time. The pineal gland is also related to light. This is the gland that controls melatonin levels in the body. Many people look at glands as the physical aspect of chakras. The different hormones released, produce different feelings and results in our body. 

Chakra meditation will help you take control of these wheels of energy through exercises of inner reflection. Whenever you can take control of your body and mind, you will be better off in the long run. The benefits that it gives you are astounding. Maintaining balance in between these chakras is essential for health and mental well-being. Balance is essential in everyone’s life today. Without it, you will feel lost and overwhelmed at times. With balance, you will feel relaxed, poised, and in control of your thought. These are feelings that everyone wants to achieve. Instituting chakra meditation into your daily routine will provide many positive results in your life. You will profit from these results for as long as you remain consistent in your practice.

By Justin Hoike

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