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British Meditation Society

British Meditation Society is one of the longest standing non-profit organizations for the teaching of meditation in the United Kingdom. The British Meditation Society was founded in 1976 by Guru Raj Ananda, said to be one of the world’s greatest modern yogis. The British Meditation Society teaches that contemplation and deliberation can help reduce stress and improve an individual’s life. The group’s main objective is teaching people the art of meditation. This is supported by a network of teachers across the UK. The organization is affiliated with many similar groups throughout the world. 

It is thought that when many people practice meditation and reflection, civilization and all of humanity can be improved. The British Meditation Society believes that they are the longest established group that teaches personalized meditation techniques. They use a preparatory course taught over a period of five to ten sessions. After this, a full series of personalized courses are taught, once the meditator has become accustomed to practicing meditation and consideration twice daily. These generally include a personalized mantra and a specific exercise relating to the chakras or a specific part of the body. Personalized meditation regimens vary due to their individual natures.

After a year or so, those who have learned the practice of meditation in the British Meditation Society can apply to become a teacher of the preparatory courses. Local and national events called satsangs, lasting from as little as a day to as long as five days, are also offered for those who wish to further their practice. To be trained as a teacher requires two or three intensive weekends with a specialized teacher. After this, a member of the British Meditation Society may begin to spread the practice of meditation to others hoping to expand their horizons. After another year, it is possible to become a meditation healer, addressing specific problems through contemplative practice. This training is usually done during the course of a residential retreat.

The adoption of the British Meditation Society’s practices of opening oneself to infinite possibilities is effortless, refreshing, and creates feelings of renewal. Many people experience dramatic changes in their lives and in their relationships with humanity and their culture. Regular practice and the use of these methods as a way of life hold even greater rewards. The British Meditation Society exists to help those who wish to better their lives, providing a network of teachers throughout the UK, and in sister organizations worldwide. Through these resources, practitioners of meditation can begin to feel connected with themselves and the whole of humanity.

By Natalie Bennett

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