Transcendental Meditation Instructions

Transcendental meditation instructions are very simple yet extremely effective and are practiced worldwide, bringing immeasurable practical benefit to all aspects of life. The instructions for transcendental meditation so to speak, were introduced to the western world in the late 50’s by a guru named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who practised and taught this form of meditation throughout his life. Transcendental meditation instructions take place once you have had a private or group consultation explaining  how TM releases stress and tiredness in a very natural way. Transcendental meditation neither involves, nor requires any particular faith or belief. It is simply a method, to apply the natural tendency of the mind to settle down, experiencing the least energized state of consciousness, known as a state of ‘restful alertness’.

Transcendental consciousness is believed to be the fourth most important state of consciousness, singular from waking, sleeping or dreaming. When the mind begins settling down during transcendental meditation, a state of profound "restful alertness" is experienced. All manner of Thought and deliberation will very naturally become quiet and calm until our psyche is no longer bound by thoughts or perceptions, instead experiencing a consciousness aware only of itself. This is what is known as a state of "amness", or "Being", the infinite pure consciousness and source of all thought and emotion. Transcendental meditation is the fourth state of Consciousness with the past three being: Dreamless Sleeping State of Consciousness, Dreaming Sleeping State of Consciousness and Waking State of Consciousness. The other three different levels of transcendental are: Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness and Unity Consciousness.

You will discover that transcendental meditation instructions and the techniques used to practice successfully, May at first seem like there is a lot involved however, the mantra method and discipline is all that is required in practicing transcendental meditation. This involves the conscious repetition certain sounds or a word pleasing to the mind, in order to achieve the desired state of ‘amness’ or ‘being’. The word Mantra essentially means ‘revealed sound’ or a combination of blended sounds so as to develop spontaneously. It is of the utmost importance that you do not confuse a mantra with a religious chant. A mantra may be given to the meditator by a guru or may perhaps be a personally chosen sound or word, however, the most important thing is that it must appeal to the mind.

Transcendental meditation instructions and information can now be found and researched in many places such as cd’s, dvd’s, books and videos. You may also find the internet very useful in your research as this form of meditation is now very well established in just about every country worldwide. These days though, the cost of getting started can vary, averaging at about $2500.00. This obviously poses problems for countless people for reasons that are understandable. However, Project meditation was designed to allow everyone to experience the life changing benefits that meditation has to offer. Free of Charge!

Listed below are just several of the reasons why thousands of people have downloaded our free and simple, nonetheless very successful meditation course:

  • Promotes self knowledge
  • Helps to reduces anxiety/panic attacks..
  • Increases self confidence.
  • Helps to boost energy, strength and vigour.
  • Reduces stress and tension.
  • Helps with P.M.T.
  • Increased concentration and strengthening of the mind.
  • Helps reduce heart disease.
  • Assists with weight loss.
  • Enhances the immune system.
  • Improves relationships.
  • Creates a state of deep relaxation and general feeling of wellbeing.

By Kiks

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