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Finding an easy Meditation Technique is the best and simplest way to approach learning how to meditate. For many, using an easy meditation technique that is really effective is the only one they need or choose indefinitely.

There are numerous meditation techniques practised by people worldwide, designed to bring about a state of rumination, by means of some quiet thought and consideration. All of the many techniques will, if practised correctly and regularly bring about immense benefits for those who meditate.

However, there are a number of very easy meditation techniques, though not of lesser quality than the more complex methods. Although aware of these varied techniques, the sole purpose of each is of course to train our hectic mind to quieten, freeing it from stress and worry drawing on quiet contemplation and reflection. If you are looking for an easy meditation technique, that will suit you and your lifestyle.

I have listed several below as a brief overview of which much more research and deliberation is required before making your final decision:

Imagery meditation:

Vipassana meditation:

Mantra meditation:

Trataka meditation:

Here and now meditation:

Imagery meditation is an extremely easy meditation technique and works well for those who find it difficult to focus on a mantra or a particular topic. This technique can be practiced in a group with one person describing a scene to imagine, followed by another person in the group giving consideration to elaborating the image and so forth, building on the images and deliberate thought in their minds. It may also be practiced individually, imagining your own scene and building on it. This state of deliberation remains until either the guide brings everybody back from meditation or until your individual time of rumination comes to an end.

Following this session, as with all mediation techniques, spend some time of reflection on the experience, what you discovered and any questions that might have arisen. Often, many people who practice this enjoyable and easy meditation technique find it very useful and rewarding to keep a journal of the experiences encountered to gain greater insight into themselves as well as creating a whole picture of a given topic or focus.

Vipassana meditation is one of India's most ancient meditation techniques, rediscovered and taught by Buddha some 2500 years ago. The word vipassana meaning ‘to see things clearly’ was taught to people as a way of healing the body and mind, by means of cleansing both of impurities and toxins. These days however, this type of meditation is not solely practiced by individuals with a Buddhist background; it is used by people of various culture and background. To practice this technique however in order to benefit fully from the utmost level of purification and rumination, it is strongly suggested that professional assistance is required.

Mantra Meditation is a very easy meditation technique involving the conscious repetition of particular sounds appealing to the mind in order to achieve a state of rumination. Mantra literally means ‘revealed sound’ or an amalgamation of sounds developing spontaneously. It is imperative not to mistake a mantra with a religious chant. A mantra maybe given by a guru or may be a personally selected word or sound, the most important thing however is that it must be pleasing to the mind.

The Trataka meditation technique is one that has been followed by many religious systems, including Sufism and Christianity. In this, a steady gaze is performed on any one particular object, often used is the flame of a candle or lamp, though some people prefer to gaze at a picture of Jesus Christ. Trataka is an established yoga cleansing technique and another very easy meditation technique to practice, nonetheless is still a very powerful method of reaching the highest level of meditation.

Here and now meditation is said to be an extremely effective yet very easy meditation technique to practice. It may be performed anywhere, at any time and in any position and is an extremely simple tool which anyone can use to find happiness as well as overcome suffering. It requires very little time and education, no finance, and no instructor. Many of us believe that the experiences of mental anguish we encounter are caused by external forces such as other people or events occurring that we have no control over.

When giving deliberation to these experiences, the mind can interpret and distort information that it receives, playing back inaccurate information thus literally forcing us to believe and deliberate on thoughts not healthy for a balanced mind and body. When the desired state of rumination is reached, the mind will become absolutely calm and relaxed. This is what is known as choiceless awareness, meaning although we are fully aware of the experience it is not focused on any physical or mental thoughts and images.

Once your final decision is reached and you begin to practice the desired meditation technique suitable for you, it will become an essential part of your new daily life. You will wonder how you ever survived without it!

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