Basic Meditation Techniques

The very essence of any basic meditation technique is the ability to be able to focus on one thought, blocking out the constant chatter that doesn’t seem to rest. Basic meditation techniques, over the years have become increasingly popular, universally recognized and accepted as the ultimate journey of self discovery. Living a life of absolute bliss and true happiness is at some point what every person desires more than any worldly goods.

Countless people still view meditation as a skill requiring time they just haven’t got to begin studying. Basic meditation techniques in reality however, are often unknowingly experienced without the individual being aware. For example: daydreaming or finding your mind fixed on one thought. Many people are fascinated simply looking out to sea or fixated on watching a roaring fire burn. At that moment, everything else appears very distant if not gone. This is actually a state of meditation. The real key to this practice, is to become proficient at having total control over your thoughts and awareness of the world around you. The very essence of any basic meditation technique is the ability to be able to focus on one thought, blocking out the constant chatter that doesn’t seem to rest.

Once this is achieved by using the simplest of techniques, it can be used whenever and wherever you want.

The biggest obstacle for people wanting to know where to start is the various meditation techniques and knowing where to find the accurate and supportive information they seek before deciding on a suitable method to try. There is so much information out there on meditation and contemplation, some will be more advanced and some will be the simpler techniques focusing primarily on relaxation and breathing exercises.

Some tips which are found to be useful in meditation to assist in focusing solely on one thing or relaxing the mind before entering a state of rumination can be found in the way of quiet and rhythmtic music, bringing about feelings of peace and tranquility, classical is quite a common choice. Other aids worth consideration might be concentrating on those little inexpensive window crystals you can now pick up from many places, or lighting a candle and concentrating on the flame when focusing.

A very important thing to remember is to keep whichever meditation technique you decide to try simple. At the beginning many people struggle with the simple fact of not knowing how to breathe properly when relaxing and in our everyday, hectic lives are not even aware of it. There are books, cd’s, and dvd’s covering this topic including an abundance of information on the internet. Mastering the art of deep relaxation through correct breathing and focus really is all that is required to reach a meditative state. Practicing these breathing exercises regularly throughout the day will speed up the ability to reach deeper relaxation.

Using all meditation techniques it is important to realize that a state of meditation and rumination can not be rushed; it will come naturally if consistently practiced.

'There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going' - Beverly Stills

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