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Silent Meditation

I often get asked about silent meditation as so many people have heard of it but there doesn’t appear to be any teachings of it as a meditation technique.

This is because silent meditation is not a technique or a method of meditation; it can apply to many techniques. Many people believe they need to have relaxing music in the background when meditating and personally I sometimes do; it depends on how I feel.

Silent meditation is nothing more than practicing any of the techniques you may have learnt but doing them in silence, which most meditations recommend anyway. The fact that you are silent, with no distractions means that you can concentrate on the meditation alone.

There are many meditation places that offer group silent meditations, which many people enjoy as they are meditating with like minded people, who are all trying to find inner peace or enlightenment. The psychology of meditating as a group is interesting because many have said their meditations feel more powerful when practiced within a group, this maybe just a placebo effect but the fact that so many people have said this, that much more research needs to be done in this area.

So as you can see silent meditation is nothing more than meditating in silence which can be done on your own or in a group.

By Gilbert Roache

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