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Alpha Meditation

Alpha meditation taps into the state of consciousness between being completely awake and nearly asleep. In a busy world where sleep doesn't always have the effect it is meant to, alpha meditation is a powerful method where you can refresh yourself and bring about positive changes, both in your body and your spirit.  Alpha meditation is a scientific method that unleashes and then harnesses the power of the subconscious mind.  It combines psychology with meditation techniques like Pranic healing and Reiki. 

At the alpha level, the brain waves slow to half the normal frequency.  At 7-14 pulsations per second, the brain is in a natural comfort zone, a comfortable, relaxed state that heals and refreshes the body.  This is the state where a person falls into a deep sleep and then rises from it, rested, in the morning.  This calm state is one that is used by alpha meditation.  Instead of falling into an alpha state just by falling asleep, you can induce one and reap the benefits from this resource within yourself.

To begin alpha meditation, you must ground yourself.  Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale just as deeply.  As you do this, release all the stress and worries that have been troubling you, focusing only on your breathing.  Repeat this until your pulse slows and you are calm.  Understand that this will not make those stressors go away, but that through deep thought and consideration, you will be able to take control of them.  In this fashion, you can find a spiritual center and the resulting balance will give you a firm ground to stand on.

As your body relaxes and your mind and heart release the stresses that have burdened it, you will achieve an alpha meditation state.  In this state, you are open but not vulnerable, powerful without being constrained.  At this point, deliberation and visualization become tools where you sharpen your mind and your will.

One visualization technique that is utilized by alpha meditation is to picture the number 3 three times in your mind's eye, followed by the number 2 and then the number 1.  As you visualize each number three times, your mind will activate a part of itself that does not get to stretch very often, like a group of muscles that have not seen much use. 

As you continue to breathe deeply, you can visualize yourself in places where you want to be, like getting a novel published or being rewarded for excellent performance at your job.  Your ruminations are more than just fantasy; in this state, they become more real, more solid to you.

Repeat affirmations out loud, and understand that you are strong and you will provide your own solutions.

When you have finished count backwards from one to five, opening your eyes as you finish.

Alpha meditation is superior to methods like drugs because it takes an existing source of power within a person and pushes it out.  Through accessing this simple yet powerful technique, you can better your life and your spirit.

By Mary Jones

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