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White Light Meditation

White light meditation has been used as a spiritual protection technique for hundreds of years. It has been more recently used by cancer sufferers in many hospitals as a healing meditation. Many mediums and psychics claim this type of meditation has helped them in many ways.

White light meditation practiced daily over a long period of time will increase your spiritual vibratory rate allowing you to accomplish a much higher state of spiritual awareness. When you raise your spiritual awareness you are much less likely to be disturbed by lower level negative energies.

With the many benefits that can be achieved through this simple technique, it could be well worth giving it a shot. White light meditation could be the little extra brightness that you are looking for in life that will leave you with a feeling of a positive glow all around.

A simple script that you could record and playback would be something similar to this:

Let's begin by getting comfortable in our chairs.

Take a slow breath or two, and gently close the eyes.

Now take a deep breath when you are ready, hold it for a moment, then let it all out and see, in your mind's eye, all the tension leaving you now as a fine grey mist.

Another deep breath, letting even more tension leave you now, as you begin to feel more and more relaxed.

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By Rob Gerrard

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