Tantra Meditation

Often confused with yoga meditation, tantra meditation dates back to the first millennium.  Although new found new age yoga practices will often incorporate tantra meditation, it is traditionally a philosophy and practice thought to be completely separate. 

To understand tantra meditation, you need to be aware of three main ingredients for consideration:  Mantra, Meditation and full body cosmic orgasms.  Mistakenly, many people are under the misconception that deliberation in tantra meditation involves performing a sexual act, but this is usually not the case.

Spend a moment of reflection about what you were thinking last time you had an orgasm.  The answer will always be nothing, because while your body is experiencing brief and fleeting ecstasy, there is no room in your mind for other thoughts.  This is the energy of tantra, where you feel only the flow of God's energy flooding your body without worry or contemplation over any matters.  Tantra masters believe this is a feeling that can be experienced all day, every day once the energy of the kundalini is unblocked and unlocked.

The kundalini is visualized as a snake like coil of pure energy that resides at the base of the spine, and is referred to as a serpent.  It is thought by many that unlocking this tightly coiled energy can lead to certain negative experiences also, so it is a good idea to take this into consideration before you rush into any tantra meditation.  The idea is to move this energy up through the spine and all the levels of the chakras so it can unite and join with the crown chakra.  In tantra meditation, couples can remain fully clothed or undress as they concentrate their awareness on the energy rising in their bodies during rumination sessions.

Tantra meditation techniques are designed to encourage and speed up the process of connecting the kundalini from top to bottom.  Through the use of breath work, visualizations, mantras, music and sacred geometry the energy and effectiveness is amplified.  It is also believed that performing group tantra meditation sessions increases the effectiveness, as everyone's energy works together as a reflection to unlock the kundalini for the whole group.

Orgasm is not simply a pleasurable, physical sensation felt by the body, and with training and practice, as well as knowledge of tantra philosophies, you can experience mind, body and spirit explosions.  Imagine you see someone you find very attractive and with little thought you strike up a conversation with them.  As you stand near them, you feel your energy of arousal beginning to awaken:  In tantra, this is thought to be due to the reflection they are offering you of your own inner beauty.  This energy that has been stimulated does not need to find sexual release, but is often associated with sex.  With the right tantra meditation techniques, you can harvest this energy, creating a complete circuit of connectedness in your own body, experiencing a higher level in every moment of your life.  Finding a sexual release for the energy will alternately leave you tired and wanting to sleep rather than go out and change the world.

By learning to connect, contain and harvest the energy of the kundalini through tantra meditation, you can access more personal power to apply in all areas of your lives.  Those who suffer with addictions of the sexual nature often have excess, high sexual energy, and directed in the right way have the potential to be very powerful beings.  Instead of being lost amongst the masses searching for something but never finding the true feeling of satisfaction and empowerment, join a reputable tantra meditation course and you will change and improve your life both sexually and otherwise.

By Jack McCoy

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