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Spiritual Meditation

When you think of spiritual meditation Osho springs to mind. Osho is one of the best known spiritual meditation teachers of the twentieth century. More than a decade after his death in 1990, the influence of his wisdom continues to grow, and people worldwide continue to benefit from his teachings.
Osho was born in the 1930s in India and in the 70s he established a centre for spiritual meditation and self discovery.  His purpose - an experiment to produce the conditions for the birth of a “New Man”   who is liberated of all old-fashioned ideologies and out dated doctrines.
In 1974 he established a centre for meditation and self-discovery in Pune, India. His work there he said, was an experiment to create the conditions for the birth of a “New Man” – one who is free of all outdated ideologies and doctrines of the past and whose vision encompasses both the spiritual wisdom of the east and the scientific understandings of the west.

Osho is now recognized as one of the twentieth century’s most important spiritual teachers, although his uncompromising approach was often misunderstood during his lifetime. Osho loved controversy.
He used to make all kinds of outrageous statements and perhaps people were not ready for his wisdom at that time. Today the famous spiritual meditation teacher isn’t here and now people are ready to listen to his wise teachings.

Spiritual meditation, as the name suggests is focusing on the spirit and can be extremely relaxing and exceptionally rewarding. The more we practice meditation, the stronger our bonds become with our Spirit.

A number of people like to generate an ambiance contributing to meditation by lighting candles and joss sticks or/and playing tranquil music.

Music and Meditation can go well together, Osho once said: “To me Music and Meditation are two aspects of the same phenomenon and without music meditation lacks something; without music, meditation is a little dull, unalive. Without meditation, music is simply noise – harmonious, but noise. Without meditation, music is an entertainment; music and meditation should go together.
That adds a new dimension to both. Both are enriched by it.”

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By Nick Smith

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