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Soul Meditation

Soul meditation is the use of careful consideration to see through to the heart of a person.  As part of the process of soul meditation, the practitioner asks to be shown the core of their character, the spark of consciousness that makes up the essential self.  This spark is generally found near the chakra which controls free and Divine will, a nexus of power within the body. 

Those practicing soul meditation are directed to imagine this spark if it cannot easily be seen.  Deliberation on the soul, focusing on it with feelings of love, gratitude, and joy, is thought to make the spark of consciousness become brighter and stronger.  The light of the soul will spread through the meditator, filling every part of the body.  Strong emotional feelings of release are associated with this kind of rumination.  It is not uncommon to feel bliss and gratitude during the process of soul meditation, or to be moved to tears.

Soul meditation is common in many cultures and religious practices.  It draws from the meditative practices of Eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, but can also be found in Kabbalistic practice.  Soul meditation is considered helpful for those suffering from feelings of detachment.  This detachment is said to occur when the soul leaves the body because the body has been polluted by stress and poor karma.  A form of soul meditation called soul retrieval is performed to remedy this problem.  The more often a person suffering from feelings of detachment from their inner essence performs soul meditation, the more awareness is said to be granted of their own soul.  This awareness is considered important and beneficial, because the soul is believed to be the guiding principle in life.

Soul meditation can be used to invoke feelings of peace and oneness with the universe and the Divine spirit.  Soul meditation is the process of bringing yourself together in unity with your soul, and through it, with the Divine force that fills the universe.  Those who practice soul meditation regularly may report feelings of greater serenity and peace, even when they are not in the process of meditation.

By Hilary Reese

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