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Practical Meditation

So you are looking for a practical meditation technique that will fit around your busy lifestyle? When it comes to meditation, we all know of its wonderfully calming benefits but to try and fit meditation in to our hectic lives we need a sensible approach as 30 minutes twice daily is just not realistic.

I practiced mantra meditation for a long time and gained so much from this daily practice. Now I run my own business I find I just don’t have the time to spend an hour everyday meditating. My solution which is much more convenient for a busy lifestyle is using binaural beats recordings.

I discovered this no-nonsense meditation approach about 3 years ago after reading many reports on the internet. The science behind this technology is very simple but has profound effects on the person using the recordings. Many people using this technology claim it meditates them instead of them trying to meditate. You can find more detailed information on binaural beat meditation at wikipedia by clicking here.

There is a software program that you can download online called brain wave generator, once you download the software you can then use the free preset library and download hundreds of unique binaural beat meditations that you may listen to when you get the chance. The relaxation levels achieved can be quite remarkable.

If you are looking for a practical method of meditation you should certainly give binaural beats recordings your consideration.

If you have a little more time on your hands, you can also try this free practical meditation course by clicking here.

By Simon Hughes

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