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Meditation Palapa

Those who have been practicing the art of meditation for some time may wish to construct a meditation palapa. A palapa is a type of open-sided structure, originating in Spain  These simple buildings usually consist of a thatched roof of palm leaves or other grasses, supported by sturdy posts and beams.  A meditation palapa is a common option for those seeking a dedicated meditation space away from the distractions of daily life.  They are fairly simple structures, easy to build and maintain.  Because of this, a meditation palapa is definitely worthy of consideration.  The free and open nature of the meditation palapa allows wind, sunlight, and other natural forces to flow as freely  through the structure as thought.  In the company of nature, we may truly experience contemplation of oneness with the world. 

A commercially purchased meditation palapa can be very expensive.  These structures can cost as much as a thousand dollars to have installed.  For the dedicated practitioner, a meditation palapa may well be worth the expense.  Those who would like to have a meditation palapa of their own, but who cannot afford to have one installed, might choose to build one.  A variety of plans for structures of this sort are available on the Internet, either for free or for a small fee.  A self-builder can choose to do some of the work, or to hire out those parts that are too difficult.  The meditation palapa creates a sacred structure specifically for the purpose of reflection.  Specially purposed meditation structures facilitate deliberation and rumination by reducing everyday distractions and creating a sense of peace.  In a meditation palapa, the practitioner can become one with the world.

One type of meditation that can be performed in a meditation palapa is the crying meditation.  This meditation begins with deep breathing.  After calmness is obtained through breathing, the practitioner allows himself to feel grief, and draws tears from deep within himself.  The object of this meditation is to cry and scream without fear or self consciousness.  This process allows dark and unpleasant emotional matter to leave the body, leaving behind only joy and a sense of peace.  The crying meditation is only one of many meditations that can be done in a meditation palapa.  Should you choose to invest in a meditation palapa, you will have access to a dedicated sacred space, allowing a peaceful search for enlightenment and oneness with nature.

By Mary Jones

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