Crying Meditation

Crying meditation is about releasing the build up of emotions so inner peace and bliss can be experienced. Some prefer to practice crying meditation on their own while others prefer to practice within a group. So often in life situations that are sad to us are not given the honor of emotional release that is required.  Emotions of frustration, stress, anger, fear, sadness, guilt and shame are pushed aside while pretending that everything is okay. 

If you have ever had a good howling session, you know that once it passes, you feel elated, refreshed and powerful or totally relaxed and calm.  While crying is thought to be an experience of pain and discomfort, the release that is felt afterwards actually makes it into a positive.  Too often, people are scared of their emotions and will do anything they can to escape the possibility of losing control.  With crying meditation, you will begin gently weeping, and as your rumination deepens, you will be pulling up and expressing past hurts so painful you had no idea they were there.

When involved in a group crying meditation session, it can be hard to fully relax so you can experience maximum release.  Give consideration to the fact that everyone is probably feeling the same, and the louder and deeper you go, the more permission you give others to do the same.  Why not do yourself and everyone else a favor and throw ego and caution to the wind and really get into the expression of grief?  You will get to a certain point in your crying meditation where it all comes gushing out with no effort or thought; just a beautiful and pure release of pain.

All human beings have emotions and so many are still running scared from them.  This suppression is preventing people from truly enjoying life and releasing the need for addictions.  Spend a moment in reflection about last time you got drunk or took drugs, prescription or otherwise, and you will see that you were avoiding some feeling of discomfort or pain you did not want to experience.  The problem with trying to avoid these feelings is that they will find a way to vent eventually, and it will usually be through you losing control and having an outburst that is seen as exaggerated and irrational.

For many people, the great deliberation taken to avoid experiencing "negative" emotions has become automated.  A perfect example of this is someone who chooses to make a joke in difficult times, trying to pretend they are unshakeable and unemotional.  This is usually because they see emotions as a sign of weakness, when in actual fact, they are making themselves weak by hiding their feelings.  Eventually, they will become so full of unexpressed and un-vented emotions they will be overflowing at the drop of a hat.  Have you ever known an elderly person who seems to have tears in their eyes at the slightest thing, or someone who just snaps at everyone, constantly irritated?  These are the poor souls who have spent their lives running scared from their emotions, and although they think they are acting strong, they are in fact displaying their weakness.

For a beginner, you may wish to try your crying meditation at home alone initially.  Find somewhere you will feel most comfortable and able to make some noise, and if it will make it easier for you, put on some relaxing music to drown your howling out.  Begin with your eyes closed, and imagine each deep, slow breath inward is reaching right into the core of your being and drawing all your sadness up as you exhale.  Begin to make a sound of sadness as you breathe out, but don’t make the sound from your throat, make it from deep down in your stomach.  As you continue this breathing in then crying or groaning out, you will find your feelings rising up for recognition and release.  Thoughts will come with each sob, but don't become too attached to them:  This is just the minds way of justifying the sadness, and is most likely nothing to do with why it is really there.  Allow yourself to lament, curl up in a little ball and sob your heart out like a weeping child – Know you are safe and the sadness can not harm you, it just wants to find its way out.

When you begin to feel comfortable and accept that crying meditation is a natural way to release tensions and past hurt, you can find a good group to join.  The energy of more than one person together honoring their sadness and its need for release will enhance your experience and enable you to go deeper in your rumination.  You will also be able to learn new and effective techniques to access your sadness more easily and quickly.  Don't run away any longer!  There is nothing to be afraid of and much inner peace and bliss to be experienced, so connect, release and renew yourself with regular crying meditation sessions.

By Nick Smith

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