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Vipassana Meditation Techniques

In Buddhism, Vipassana meditation techniques enable people to see the truth as it really is and have insight in reflection on life.  Vipassana meditation techniques date back to over 2500 years ago. 
If you are interested in learning Vipassana meditation techniques, consideration should be given to enrolling in a ten day course.  This is thought to be the best way to learn because there is a process of discovery, contemplation and rumination designed to give you these tools for life.  With proper Vipassana meditation techniques, you can continue your quest for insight and reflection in your own home.

Retreats or schools that offer Vipassana meditation techniques via a ten day retreat are most likely teaching the traditional form.  This will involve an honorable silence, where students attending maintain quiet reflection for the whole ten days, with the acceptance of questions for the teacher. 

The initial stage of Vipassana will involve teaching and contemplation meditation to let go of any actions that cause harm.  These include stealing, lying, killing, sexual acts and taking intoxicating substances, all with the aim of calming the mind in preparation for the next stages.  To further calm the mind and take control over thoughts, three and a half days are spent doing Anapana meditation, which is focusing on the breath.

The third stage, having a duration of six and a half days, is thought to be the core and heart of true Vipassana meditation techniques.  The clarity of insight will penetrate and dissolve the mind, leaving only truth - leaving only Vipassana.  The final day of most Vipassana meditation techniques course is commonly spent regaining the use of your voice and participating in more sharing meditations.

Although Vipassana meditation techniques are learned in honorable silence, instructions are given for your consideration several times a day.  You may be given part of the dharma for reflection, or be sent on a walking meditation for personal deliberation.  Whatever the specific details of the course program, the basis of the dharma and the teachings will be the same.  Most people have never experienced being silent for one whole day, let alone ten, so such deep rumination can only be imagined. 

Vipassana meditation techniques range in price from very expensive health and yoga retreats to Buddhist monasteries that run courses for food and donations only.  If you are interested in studying these methods for finding clarity and insight and gaining control over your mind, consideration should certainly be given to starting immediately on the first step.  Ceasing all actions that cause harm, as mentioned above, will mean you are more prepared for the Vipassana meditation techniques when the right course comes your way.

By Karen Basfield

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