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Third Eye Meditation

When it comes to your third eye, meditation is a fantastic way to open yourself for contemplation and reflection on important questions and issues.  It is a common school of thought that the third eye is what connects you to your intuition and the collective consciousness, and third eye meditation is designed to enhance this.  It is through specific thought processes and visualizations that you can achieve the deepest rumination through third eye meditation practices, so it is certainly worthy of your consideration.

There are many different reasons to give contemplation to practicing third eye meditation:  It can be an effective way to clear your mind of thought and worry, access your subconscious for reflection and reprogramming, and reach a state of deep rumination.  Even though you can't see your third eye, it is the process of visualization and deliberation that takes you into deep meditation.

What exactly is third eye meditation? 
A third eye meditation is any deep rumination technique where you visualize your third eye, which is the place on your forehead above and between your eyes.  This particular spot is given consideration in all spiritual systems that believe in the aura or energy field, and is most simply described as an energy receiver.  It is thought to be possible to amplify the ability of the third eye to tune into the energy of others, psychic abilities, spirit guides, angels and the global brain or collective consciousness. 

A simple third eye meditation

Give some thought to finding a comfortable position, either sitting up or lying down.  If, on reflection, you find that you fall asleep easily when lying down, choose to sit upright next time instead.  Begin by relaxing with deliberation, mentally giving contemplation to each part of your body, visualizing it becoming heavy and relaxed.  Any thought that enters your mind during this third eye meditation will dissolve in seconds, before you can even give it any consideration.

Your whole body feels relaxed and heavy, and you now shift your contemplation to your breathing.  Each inhalation makes you feel as though you are growing lighter and lighter, and when you exhale, your thought should be that you are letting go of any tension or worry.  In this third eye meditation, you now shift your attention to the place between your eyes on your forehead.  Imagine a triangle with a golden reflection appearance opening up like a window into your mind.  With slow deliberation, imagine you can lean inside your head and see all your thoughts, experiences and issues hiding in the darkness.  To the side, you see a light switch, and you reach over without a thought and flick it on.  Bright fluorescent light fills your mind, and the reflection is bright and healing, flooding every cell. 

The bright fluorescent light is streaming out of the golden triangular window.  One by one, any thought, issue and contemplation begins to leave through the window, unable to take the new light.  Imagine the light drawing past trauma, worry, sadness, anger and any negative thought or belief right out of your head forever, never to have another consideration.  When you feel satisfied that your mind has been cleared with perfect deliberation by this powerful light, you can close the window and return to lying in your body.  Imagine you can see a reflection of yourself laying there doing your third eye meditation, and picture the golden triangle slowly becoming brighter and brighter until it floods your whole body.  As the light brightens, your rumination deepens even further, and you experience the beauty of a mind clear of thought and contemplation.  If you do have a question that plagues you, now is the time to pose it to your subconscious mind for consideration and reflection. When you feel ready to finish your third eye meditation, slowly move your fingers and toes, and then open your eyes.

On reflection, you will almost certainly find third eye meditation practices to be enriching, relaxing and healing.  For anyone interested in enhancing the ability of your third eye, meditation is the only way.  Great deliberation and thought goes into working out the techniques so you can be sure to achieve the deepest rumination, as well as great emotional, mental, physical and spiritual benefits.

By Victoria Stansfield

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